The iPhone 13 is official! Features, price and launch

We are looking forward to the new iPhone 13 ! This device aims to be one of the favorites and best sellers of the year, but surely you want to know everything and especially its differences with the iPhone 12, to see if it is worth changing. Go ahead then, because we tell you everything about the characteristics, price and date of launch of the new iPhone 13 .

iPhone 13: features

We have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Specifically, one year. What does this iPhone 13 have to be so special? What new technical specifications do we find or changes in the design? We see it.


The design of the new iPhone is always a reason to buy it, because it is beautiful. But we like it more when we find important news and it shows that it is the new iPhone that has just been released. In this case, the angled profile of the iPhone 13 is repeated .

But it is not the only thing, when it comes to the cameras, which are so characteristic of the iPhone, we see that it has a square module . The same for the lenses, which are the same size and the LiDAR. It looks like a record player!

The design is very elegant with the round edges and the front has the glass, harder than other device. Also with aluminum frame. In addition, thanks to its resistance to water and scratches IP68 we have it done.

The notch also changes . It’s smaller now (I like it better that way!). It also has FaceID inside .


The screen stays at 6.1 inches . A fairly standard and interesting size, because it is neither giant nor small. Although I admit that I have a weakness for the Max models. It is also Super Retina XDR and with 28% more brightness , ideal if we are away from home. It also has 1200 nits .

Now we finally see true blacks thanks to the OLED screen . Worth.

More eco

It is more sustainable , made with many recycled materials. They never disappoint in this regard 🙂

A15 Bionic chip

One of the novelties is found in its new chip, the A15 Bionic and 6 core CPU . It is more powerful than ever and guarantees better performance in every way, so that we notice that apps and games are flying, much faster than before.

It stands out for its 2 high-performance and 4 high-efficiency processors. It also comes with 16-core Neural Engine , which guarantees 15.8 trillion operations per second.

Best photos

Photos have always been one of the keys in the iPhone world. This iPhone 13 also promises better photos . We have a double camera as you can see in the photos and it comes with the largest sensor that they have put into their two camera system. It also captures more light.

We love the video previews and cinematic mode . All thanks to its Cinema mode . They always teach us movies that have been shot with the iPhone and the truth is that they have left us in check in terms of quality and level of detail. It’s amazing.


Regarding storage, we will have the iPhone 13 available in capacities of 128, 256 and 512 GB . For those who want 1TB, they will have to go to the higher models, Pro and Pro Max.

Do you need so much storage? Actually, the more internal space the better, although with the cloud we may not need as much. However, apps and games are taking up more and more. And as technology advances, the photos we take also take up more space.

New colors

This new iPhone 13 is also updated with new colors: blue, pink, black, white and Product (RED) .


We have been waiting for this moment for a long time and of course it has been confirmed, the compatibility of the iPhone 13 with 5G . It will work at high speeds and in many places, guaranteeing an improvement in the quality of calls and video calls, so that users can always have more coverage.


Does the battery last longer in the iPhone 13? It is something that always worries, but yes, you should know that now the battery lasts longer . It is because of all the new features that they have incorporated thanks to the better integration between software and hardware.

More privacy

We have important news regarding privacy, now it is more secure.


It was already a success for its multi-loaders, bases, tripods, supports, etc. Many compatible accessories. We also have it on iPhone 13.


The price of this iPhone 13 has been sounding for weeks in the form of a rumor, since it has been said that the semiconductor crisis would lead Apple to raise the price of its devices, because it is more expensive to produce the processors. What price difference are we talking about? Of at least 5% more . And that is what happened …

If the iPhone 12 started at 809 euros, the new iPhone 13 goes on the market at a launch price of $ 799 , which, as you already know, for the change from dollars to euros is always more expensive here. It may be around 850 euros . If you want to buy it NOW, that’s what it costs you.

The Mini is cheaper, $ 699 . And this price starts, of course, from the 128 GB of storage.

When can it be purchased?

Regarding availability, the new iPhone can be purchased on Friday, September 24 .

Differences between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13: is it worth changing? Yessss

We have many differences, starting with the design, with the smallest notch and it looks great. In addition, we also have 28% brighter than the iPhone 12 . This is very important if you are away from home normally and the light bothers you.

The graphics are also 30% faster , it is appreciated for those who use it a lot or play. Not to mention the power, because this iPhone 13 is 50% faster than the iPhone 12 . It is said soon but the difference is great.

In terms of battery, we now have 2 and a half hours more battery than the iPhone 12 . If you tend to be fair and do not want to depend on external batteries, it is ideal.

We have a lot of news and yes, it is worth going from the iPhone 12 to the new iPhone 13 . If the price is right for you and you want a lot of performance and camera improvements, this is the one for you. Enjoy it!

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