How to build muscle in a matter of few weeks

Muscle growth is not a matter of 3 months, not 6, not even a year. You can make progress, that is clear, but to have the physique you dream of takes a long time. It takes a lot of time, effort, and well-structured training to build muscle.

training plan to gain muscle mass is based mainly on strength training, in which basic exercises and isolation exercises are the main element.

Factors such as hormones, age, calorie intake, and training affect the rate at which muscles develop ; However, that doesn’t mean you can’t start to see results in just a couple of weeks with a proper diet and exercise routine.

How to build muscle in a few weeks?

If you want to increase your muscles in an effective and sustained way , you don’t have to go to the gym every day: with 3, or a maximum of 4 training sessions a week, and with the right training plan, you can get to give your muscles the necessary growth stimulus.

Apart from this, you need to follow the following tips:

1. Enter exercises with weight

training plan to gain muscle mass places various demands on athletes. In principle, it is based on basic exercises with weights in which the weight is gradually increased. 

Approximately two-thirds of training sessions to gain muscle mass should be used in basic exercises or exercises with free weights. The remaining third can be devoted to isolation exercises and intensity techniques. 

With the help of isolation exercises, specific stimuli can be applied to promote growth and gain muscle mass, consciously overloading the muscles and exhausting them to muscle failure , placing a huge burden on the central nervous system. 

The muscles react by adapting and increasing their cross section, thereby “gaining strength” for the next training session.

2. Set a time limit for training

If you train too long, your muscle tissue will be exposed to hormonal stress from the secretion of cortisol.

When it is not possible to gain muscle mass in the long term , this hormone is one of the most frequent causes. If you go beyond the recommended training time, you can even enhance muscle loss processes. Therefore, it is advisable to dedicate time to your strength training of between 60 to 90 minutes.

3. Gain weight regularly

To advance in training to gain muscle mass, it is essential to progress regularly; that is, increase the weights used in training. More strength means more muscle mass.

When training, the muscles should push themselves to the limit to establish a training stimulus, to which the muscle adapts. Thanks to this adaptation, the muscle grows and becomes stronger to better resist the effort the next time. This effect is called overcompensation .

Beginners should try to increase the weight every other session by about 5-10%. In advanced stages, an upward trend should be observed every two to three weeks. In case this increase is ever not achieved, it is important to be patient – anyone can have a bad day.

4. Eat properly

Food is the basis of any change, also to rapidly increase muscles. The more intense your workout, the more protein you will need, as well as the more calories.

As much as you work in the gym, if your body does not receive the necessary fuel it will not be able to grow. All those who expect good muscle growth should know that diet is a key factor. And the pillars that build our muscles are proteins. 

There are countless foods that are a good source of protein; for example, eggs, beef, and chicken. It’s just about knowing how to distribute the meals.

Protein intake provides all the essential amino acids necessary for muscle mass gain, making it ideal as a main supply after loading stimuli. On the other hand, protein shakes allow you to easily cover your extra needs to gain muscle mass.

However, even if your goal is to increase your muscles quickly , there is no single way to get there. Everything will depend on your age, gender, your metabolism and the shape of your body, and only a specialist can make you achieve your goal with the best guarantees.

5. Get adequate rest

A common mistake is to think that the more you train, the better results you will get, but the truth is that muscle mass grows during rest and when you sleep.

For those who want to maximize their muscle gains, rest is essential. Do not forget that hormones that promote hypertrophy play an important role during the sleep cycle, and that a bad rest can make you eat worse, as well as worsen your health. 

You should sleep at least 7 hours a day to give your body the rest it needs to recover and perform at its best when you train. To achieve this, it is best to establish a regular schedule to sleep and avoid alcohol and heavy meals before going to bed: this way you can enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep and you will be ready for your next workout.

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