CBD in sport, what are its benefits?

We know as CBD the products extracted from the plant known as cannabis sativa or marijuana for therapeutic and medicinal purposes and whose presentation is mostly in oils. Despite the controversy that the origin of these extracts may generate and thanks to new studies in the field of medicine, their use currently enjoys scientific approval for the treatment of a large number of pathologies mainly derived from pain and some psychological conditions. The Green Brandt is among the best online stores where clinically endorsed and approved products are offered with a stock of more than 14,600 products of the highest quality.

Five Reasons to Include CBD in Your Workout Routines

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the more than 100 chemical components that circulate in one of the most controversial plants and lately one of the most studied due to the multiple benefits they bring to health. Together with THC, they are the two most important chemical components that the plant contains, this extract contains low content of the psychoactive component, which is why it does not generate the psychotropic effects of recreational consumption. Consequently, these therapeutic benefits provide many advantages to athletes, which is why the reasons why its use is increasing in people who practice sports at all levels are mentioned below.

  • 1. Fatigue is a factor that prevents progress in training routines and its effects are reflected in the lack of enthusiasm or reluctance, muscle aches in specific areas or at a general level and fatigue, among others. Its causes can be due to lack of calcium, excess lactic acid, lack of glycogen, dehydration, etc. causing a feeling of general discomfort. Thanks to the use of CBD, relaxation of the nerve endings can be achieved, which provides an energy boost to properly complete the training routine.
  • 2. Rest is one of the most important pillars for the optimal performance of every athlete, it is the process by which the body not only regenerates from physical wear and tear, but is the part where muscle growth takes place. It is for the same reason that you must have an optimal quality of sleep which must be at least eight hours a day uninterruptedly. The use of CBD allows you to fall asleep and take it to its deepest stages, thus allowing you to sleep the amount of hours required for an effective rest.
  • 3. Anxiety produces extremely adverse effects in athletes, since they subtract mental conditions and cause fears, fears, and a feeling of powerlessness that are counterproductive, generally prior to participating in sports competitions. The active substances in CBD achieve relaxation in the areas of the brain where these psychological episodes develop, thus allowing the ideal mental conditions to face any sporting challenge.
  • 4. Excellent in the treatment of relaxation and muscle recovery and thanks to its relaxing properties are ideal to help prevent annoying muscle pain resulting from any demanding training routine. These pains are caused by an excessive production of anandamide acid and this surplus is drastically reduced after the regular consumption of CBD-based medications, thus helping to prevent muscle aches associated with exercise.
  • 5. CBD-based drugs have proven highly effective in treating various heart conditions such as arrhythmias, tachycardias, rapid pulse, etc. During physical activity, the heart rate rises, generating more beats per minute, which is a risk factor in people with circulatory abnormalities. The use of CBD helps to keep the heart rate at low to moderate levels, thus preventing a very fast blood pulse.


Like any medicine, the use of these products provide a large number of benefits and their applications cover more and more ground in various treatments for different ailments, but on the other hand it also has a series of cautions to be taken in its use. In this way, some cases are mentioned below for which they can be considered contraindicated:

  • Pregnant or lactating patients . Patients with this condition should refrain from consuming cannabinol, as its use in these stages is not considered safe.
  • Kids. CBD treatments are mostly applicable in pediatric patients, however, the use in some of these products in infants should be consulted by the specialist in order to avoid the risks that they may entail.
  • Hepatic and Parkinson’s disease patients. For people suffering from these pathological conditions, the use of CBD should be administered in very low doses according to the indications of the treating physician.
  • Herbs. Drowsiness or dizziness are usually disorders caused by combining the product with other herbs or supplements, so there should never be self-medication and the management of the treatment should be left to the specialist.

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