Meditation and its positive effects on health

For a long time, meditation was an activity that was inextricably linked to religious practice. More common in the east and surrounded by mysticism s and spiritual routines. However, meditation practices were scientifically studied and adapted out of this reality for some time and today they are better known as mindfulness or in literal translation, mindfulness. The main objective of … Read more

Mindfulness can help your health

With daily activities and the high demand imposed, it is common to have to run to fulfill all obligations and with this rush the tasks are done on the “autopilot”. In this state it is common that you are not 100% present, making certain common moments of the routine, such as brushing your teeth, making your … Read more

Pollutants in the environment and health impacts

It is not just today that climate change histories are real alarms for people’s health. This is a problem and an issue to be resolved and questioned worldwide. Unfortunately, radical temperature changes have already become a fact that has been reported very often on the communication channels, as a result of various consumer attitudes carried out … Read more

Routine examinations – women’s health

Very well! You are a woman conscious and attuned to health, you have already marked your Gynecologist. Some complementary exams may be necessary to complement the assessment. Shall we understand what each exam is for? Mammography : this test uses a low dose of radiation to photograph the breast in different positions, with which it is possible to … Read more

Habits to maintain a healthy smile

Smile care guarantees oral health, so it is important to include hygiene habits in your routine, after all the saying “health begins with the mouth” is very true. Through the mouth it is possible to identify several changes in the body.    There are some points that are also necessary to maintain a healthy smile: Less … Read more

Women’s health: beyond gynecological exams

With the arrival of the month of October, social networks and communication channels share a lot of information on topics related to women’s health, on gynecological procedures and care. The Pink October was born from the need to alert about the importance of gynecological exams and their early diagnoses, which makes the treatment to be … Read more

Women’s oral health

Oral health is intrinsically linked to the well-being of the body, after all many problems can be identified by manifesting certain symptoms already in the mouth. We also know that each organism has its individuality, as well as that the conditions of women can facilitate the appearance of some problems, affecting oral health. For example, hormonal … Read more

How to increase muscles without doing weight training

According to a study by the Federal University of Goiás, it is not necessary to use heavy loads to guarantee hypertrophy, that is, to increase muscles. The researchers explain that contracting a muscle without an external load produces enough muscle activation to induce growth similar to training with a heavy load. So, regardless of whether you use … Read more