BBWDesire Reviews – Dose This Dating Site Legit Or Scam?

BBWDesire Reviews- This site in you can get real people and find match and make dating with partner. Many people use this and they already find good people.

Before you spend any time on one of the hundreds of online dating sites out there you need to make sure you are dealing with a quality site. In our BBW Desire review, we take a deep look into the site to make sure it is worth your time and actually can help you meet a single woman.

When you look at our quick comparison above you can get a pretty good idea of what we’re about to talk about. When it comes to a direct comparison to BBW Match Mat the best site out there for finding single BBW, especially those who are just looking for hookups, BBW Desire didn’t fare well.

This site is supposedly a site dedicated to helping people find big, beautiful women. I decided to investigate the site a little bit more for our BBW Desire review. Make sure to read about what I found before you visit!

The first thing that I noticed upon navigating to the site was the horrible color scheme. The black and orange logo and menu bars make the whole website look Halloween themed, and not in a good way. This is not the hot sorority girl’s skimpy Disney princess costume. It’s your weird friend’s awkward costume that no one understands. “I’m supposed to be a Klingon, vampire wizard from Mars. Get it?” No, no one gets it and you should probably go back home and change.

The site needs a serious makeover in more ways than that. There are two, poorly positioned photographs of the same woman on either side of the main website. It makes you feel like you are being watched by this strange woman as you go about your business. No one wants to feel watched while they peruse a dating site.

But the problems with this site are more than just skin deep. The BBW Desire scam goes right to the core of the website.

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