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The Wonder Pillow is a one of a kind and top notch pad that is perfect for the individuals who are searching for back and neck bolster for the duration of the night. When you utilize this pad all the time, you’ll see a huge lessening in your torment levels and even an expansion in your versatility. As the brand clarifies, the Wonder Pillow is the just a single of its kind that gives moment and successful alleviation in your neck, back, and even your drags. With the full support, you’ll feel revived, restored, and ready when you awaken each day.


The Benefits of the Wonder Pillow

There are many advantages to be had when you add the Wonder Pillow to your way of life. Here are the principle points of interest of this gadget so you realize what’s in store when you add it to your schedule:

Idealize Lower Back Support

The main preferred standpoint to the Wonder Pillow is that it offers you idealize bring down back support. You’ll have the capacity to deal with your back and reinforce it in simply the correct regions. With the lower back support, you can at long last diminish and dispense with episodes of agony for the duration of the day so you can keep up profitability levels and quality.

Convenient and Foldable

The Wonder Pillow is likewise a versatile and foldable cushion. This quality makes it less demanding for you to bring the cushion with you anyplace you require o for the duration of the day. You’ll cherish that it is so natural to add the cushion to your day by day schedule.

Fill it with Air or Water

The pad is additionally an adaptable gadget – you can fill it with either air or water and the inclination is truly up to you. Notwithstanding which choice you pick, you’ll encounter the greater part of the advantages that the cushion brings to the table.

Serenely Fits to Your Body

At long last, the Wonder Pillow easily fits to your body. You’ll have the capacity to deal with your back so it has the full support and solace that it needs to shield it from damage and agony.

As should be obvious, there are many advantages to adding the Wonder Pillow to your schedule. With this item, you can at long last utilize a gadget that will mitigate issues that torment you every day.

Wonder Pillow

They are Wonder Pillow that although they differ in their techniques, have a common basis seeking the same effects: reduce muscle tension, decrease heart rate, slow breathing and gradually counteract the physiological and cognitive effects of anxiety and stress . They are exercises that takes time to master and they have to be practiced often to make full use but which are certainly very useful.

I will briefly describe a Wonder Pillow within what is known as progressive muscle relaxation. This Wonder Pillow is widely used by psychologists to reduce anxiety and can be learned with a little practice.


This technique must be learned lying in a quiet place with some relaxing music, pleasant temperatures and comfortable clothes, no shoes and no jewelry. The light should be dim.Then you can move to be done seated. Later after practice sitting with open eyes (useful in the office) and even with practice standing (on the bus).


I recommend before beginning the sequence of Wonder Pillow performed a few abdominal breaths:

We lay on the floor, on a mat. Whole body touching the ground, stretched and legs slightly apart, arms at your sides.

Abdominal breathing is to inspire through the nose while we have one hand on the stomach, midriff.Inspired air leading to the stomach to swell up like a balloon, we should note that the hand that is in the stomach rises. Inspiration for about 5 seconds, we retain the air about 3 and expel the air through the mouth very slowly (about 8 seconds) while deflating the stomach. It is important to make this focus our attention on the feeling and temperature of the air entering, counting the seconds, imagining a balloon that swells …

At the end we initiate breathing muscle relaxation.



This relaxation is based on the focus on bodily sensations with stress-relaxation muscle. The body is divided into muscle groups and the same exercise is done with them. We do it in the same lying position. End sequence somewhat faster repeats.

  • We started with the standing law, we tighten bending the toe toward us. It is very important to visualize the tension as if standing outside rock or steel, feel every muscle that tightens put up with tension about 5-7 seconds. Then we relax returning it to its original position. Relaxation should be maintained about 10-15 seconds. Now we focus on the feeling of relaxation and well being, we note that no muscle is tense and noticed the warmth of the skin, the support points on the floor, like air borders on foot. We repeat again with the same foot the stress-strain sequence. And then we perform the same two repetitions with the left foot. Before moving to the next muscle group we allow a few seconds of focusing on relaxation contrast with the previous stress relaxation.
  • We turn to tighten the legs , we do this by slightly raising the right leg and squeezing muscles. We imagine every muscle tensing as the leg becomes a table. We retain the tension about 5-7 seconds and then let go of the tension supporting leg again. As we have done with the foot we focus on the feeling of relaxation that area, in weight, in touch with the ground, the warmth of the area … Again relaxation will be 10-15 seconds. We repeat with the same leg this sequence of stress relaxation and then proceed to make the two repetitions with the other leg.
  • We continue with the buttocks , pressing both simultaneously towards the center, we focus on the tension for 5-7 seconds, then relax between 10-15 seconds and repeat the series.
  • So we turn to the stomach, this is tense pressing inward, as if metamorphose gut. Here are also two repetitions. To relax release the stomach, even slightly out if necessary, if that is the relaxed position.Again , always focusing on the contrasting sensations and in seconds.
  • We turn to arms , begin by fists, clenching fist (no harm) the same seconds in other areas, and then letting loose relaxed hand, slightly ajar. In the hands is very noticeable feeling of air that travels, your weight, your warmth. We repeat twice with each fist. Then we moved to arm this tense lifting slightly off the ground and tenderloin. To relax you let it fall gently on the mat. Two repetitions with each arm (separately).
  • We passed the shoulders , try to raise them slightly upwards (towards the head) and towards the center (toward each other) while both. Again two repetitions with the same number of seconds that the other parts.
  • We spent the neck , this is tense stretching the chin to your chest without touching it . Again two repetitions of about 5-7 and 10-15 sec relaxation voltage (returns to its initial position).
  • Finally we get the facial muscles . First remonstrate brow raising eyebrows as much as we did above, we drop to just relax eyebrows to its original or natural position. The center of the face is tense wrinkling her nose and lips to the center, as if it smelled bad and like trying to crumple lips to the nose, eyes closed while squeezing and crinkling too. Again they are the same seconds and repeats the same group. To end touches the jaw, we tried the bottom of the jaw to move past the top, dislocating jaws. To relax we return to the starting position.

These exercises can be done in different ways as there are different ways to tighten the same muscles.When we are sitting exercises vary slightly.

When we’re done we remain one focusing on the full body relaxation time. It can be repeated after the entire sequence, but this time with one repetition per muscle (not two).

As the person will learn to detect stress during the day and induce relaxation directly without having to carry out the entire sequence is performed. That is be automated in some way.

It is important to first try to do it with my eyes closed until you master the best exercise and be able to achieve the same level of relaxation with open eyes. Not to sleep. In this exercise it is essential accompany detente tension with mental imagination of sensations such as steel, concrete, etc. and focus on the muscles. We can also focus on breathing and the air entering between sequences or relaxing music.

If muscle injury will have to skip the tension in that area and only induce relaxation or imagine, you can also reduce tension seconds if there is discomfort.

It is normal tingling sensations in the extremities or strange sensations occur and should not worry as this usually occurs in states of relaxation, at first we can cost relax but it will become easier. If we feel overwhelmed we can perform the process with open eyes.

Other recommendations:

There are many factors that modulate or interfere with the stress response, which is why there are some daily tips that can help us:

  • Seek support if necessary, try not charge us alone with all the weight of the problems.
  • The snuff (nicotine) and alcohol can increase stress. Avoid eating.
  • Taking care of our self-esteem, love ourselves and dedicate a time of day for us.
  • Moderate physical exercise helps to diminish anxiety.
  • A proper diet, avoiding saturated fats and additives. Avoid stimulants such as coffee. Ingesting adequate amounts of fiber. Reducing salt intake and consume liquids. Sure to be consuming the necessary vitamins.
  • Learning to organize, so that everything in the day have the time and avoid unexpected situations or unnecessary haste.
  • Know how to delegate when necessary and learn to say no.

In addition everyone can use other Wonder Pillow to relax: Take a hot bath, go to the terrace to sunbathe and read a book, go for a walk, watch a comedy on television, hanging out with friends, make crafts … It is important know how to disconnect from time to time and give us a break!


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