Basic insurance is the one that offers minimum coverage and is usually included in the trips contracted through travel agencies.

Minimum insurance offers coverage in certain situations. One of them is overbooking. In this case, the compensation varies depending on the price paid for the ticket. The insurance includes the possibility of finding alternatives to reach the destination as quickly as possible, the refund of the price of the ticket or the change of the date of travel according to the possibilities of the holder. Do not forget that in the European Union, if there is a flight delay of more than three hours and it means losing the connection with another flight, the insurance obliges the airline to look for an alternative flight and accommodation in a hotel, if necessary. In addition you can claim compensation from the airline between 250 and 600 euros. In case there are no connections,

As for medical insurance while traveling, health coverage is included throughout the stay, although it is advisable to be well informed as not all medicines and hospital care are covered in full. And it is increasingly common to hire a trip several months in advance to benefit from the discounts offered by travel agencies. For this reason it is advisable to take out a cancellation insurance that avoids last minute inconveniences and unnecessary expenses if in the end we have to cancel the contracted trip.

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