Weight Loss Diet Pill Side Effects – Read First Before Buy!!

Weight Loss Diet Pill Side Effects

Sizes reduce and regulate the amount of body fat has become for many people a major issue, even obsessive, because they feel the need to project a slender image that is associated with beauty, success and triumph. As can be seen, this momentum due to aesthetic purposes rather than health and, for this reason, control and weight loss is usually taken frivolously, exposing the body to serious disorders that threaten the integrity of the person.

Unfortunately, some people have taken advantage of this desire and, therefore, “from 1960 to 1970 decade we have witnessed the establishment of clinics that offer treatments for weight loss in a very short period, which fail, they say, ‘without sacrifices, without risk or stop eating’. Unfortunately, this type of business are not attended by health professionals and, even more, their presence has increased alarmingly because they offer something that people find it attractive. ”

Such is the opinion of Dr. Martha Leticia Martinez Erosive, head of Nutrition and Dietetics Coordination of Integrated Health Programs of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMPRESSIVENESS), who adds that in those centers solutions ‘magic’ is offer medicines that have no name, they are not packaged or are in pharmacies, so patients often call them ” red, green or yellow pills ” because of their appearance.

“People ingest these drugs because those are provided, unethical and knowledge, they tell them they are just to burn body fat;Going further, they dare to say that once you have the proper weight will stabilize, and that never in life, eat what they eat, they will go back up size “specifies the nutritionist.

Although in a month or two of these treatments carry significant weight loss is recorded, its realization is not recommended. “When the patient leaves this type of treatment comes an effect ‘bounce ‘, which recovers its initial weight and even increase it a little. We have seen many times the story of the person taking products ‘miracle ‘, takes diets virtually water – based and vegetables (which do not include all the nutrients the body needs), low size dramatically, receives praise from his friends because looks great, and after a while again be the same chubby or obese same lifetime. ”

This occurs at best, because the specialist explains that the use of certain drugs can trigger cardiac disorders and hormonal abnormalities, which deteriorate the quality of life and can sometimes be fatal.

Weight Loss Diet Pill Side Effects risks?

The main factors that according to Dra. Martinez Erosive has led to the advancement of these harmful procedures is excess body fat. “In the first National Survey of Coverage of Integrated Health Programs (COMPREHENSIVENESS 2003), it was observed that 40% of the insured population is overweight (weight gain between 10% and 20% of their ideal figure) and 30 % suffer obesity (increased 20% or more of ideal weight). In other words, 70% of the people served by the Mexican Social Security Institute have excessive weight, and only 3 in 10 have a suitable figure to his stature. ”

It is true that having excess weight leads to high likelihood of significant alterations, including elevation of blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, diabetes (high sugar in the blood), renal failure (inability of the kidney to remove toxic substances blood) stream, infarcts (tissue death in heart or brain for lack of oxygen and nutrients), osteoporosis (loss of minerals in bone) and even some cancers (formation of malignant cells that interfere with organ function or all the organism).

However, “when people go to clinics and clinics that promiseweight loss without effort , generally do not health but to look good when a major social event looming, a wedding, graduation party 15 years or beach vacation “so that there is a real awareness of body weight and control it is taken lightly.

Therefore, he emphasizes, “people should know that so far has not proven medicine a single drug or method that allows us lose weight immediately and healthily. If indeed functioned pills given at these clinics or other systems that offer (pellets, acupuncture, belts, creams), we had already solved the problem of overweight and obesity , which are the main cause of the diseases mentioned and they are causing numerous deaths worldwide. ”

In detail, the nutritionist explains what drugs are commonly employed in ‘magical reductive methods ‘ and its possible effects:

  • Thyroid stimulating. They make this gland in the neck secrete as much thyroxine,hormone that is useful for the utilization of nutrients.

“By accelerating this activity there is a greater thermogenesis, ie, greater capacity to assimilate nutrients, but also to burn fat.However, its use has important secondary consequences: a high percentage of people using these products decreased thyroid activity (hypothyroidism), and this problem will not heal occurs, it is for life. The patient will require treatment with an endocrinologist and will have to monitor their lifelong thyroid function, “says Dr.. Leticia Martinez.

  • Amphetamines.  Drugs for weight control  that inhibit the sensation of appetitethe brain, but today they have entered into disuse becausethe adverse effects caused: increased heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature, aggressive behavior and above all addiction. Currently, they are banned in many countries.
  • Diuretics. These are pills or herbs that stimulate fluid loss through the urine ; usually they used prescription to provide treatment for people sufferingedema or fluid accumulation by renal or heart failure (heart does not pump blood as efficiently as required). However, many centers useto achieve accelerated weight drop. The downside, says the optional, is that “the weight you lose is not because fat is removed, but water also expelled from the body with minerals. Excessive prolonged use causes fatigue, dizziness, cramps, low blood pressureand when too much potassium is lost, the heart rate is compromised.There are patients who have become critical to the emergency room for lack of this element state, and some have lost their lives “.
  • Fiber. They can be considered as the least harmful product because they are carbohydrates that the body can not digest and which expand when in contact with water, giving the feeling of satiety. The problem is that when itnot accompanied by sufficient fluid intake and physical activity, makes the stool is dry and cause significant gastrointestinal discomfort such asconstipation or diarrhea . People who are not used to consumingcan also suffer damage to the villi there inside the intestines and are responsible for absorbing nutrients.

In contrast to the above, Viveros Martinez says that currently there are only two authorized for weight control drugs , and that both should be administered by prescription and under medical supervision, because their use can have side effects.

The first inhibits the absorption of fat in the intestine and “consumption must be accompanied by a regime of low-fat diet, because if the patient eats than usual, which are almost always calorie foods, will suffer diarrhea terrible, gastrointestinal pain, swollen abdomen and gases. The other drug acts on the centers that regulate appetite and, although safe, may cause side effects such as increased blood pressure and persistent sensation of thirst. ”

Also, the dietician emphasizes that the use of these two products accepted by the medical community requires vigilance and, contrary to what they offer the ‘magical’ treatments, “they need the patient to change their eating habits and to practice regular exercise” , ie they require use of will and effort to give satisfactory results.

Exchange of ideas

Weight Loss Diet Pill Side Effects In explaining how it is possible to maintain a proper weight to not be exposed to diseases such as diabetes or hypertension , nutritionist Leticia Martinez says that there are two basic and very effective measures: exercising and lead a healthy and balanced diet.

However, achieving this objective requires the patient to reflect on what you want and why you do it. “People who are overweightor obese should be clear that the loss of body fat should be for health and not by physical appearance; in this way, instead of going with charlatans they know that they have to attend doctors who know nutritional aspects. They can also go to health centers and medical units where special lectures are given to learn to eat properly, including vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains in their diet. ”

Overall, the specialist explains, “we have to change our concept of what a correct diet, as they still think it is a matter of quantity and not quality. It is very common in the consultation the patient tells us to eat breakfast very well because it takes a liter of milk and 6 fried eggs, half a kilo of tortillas and two sweet breads eaten. In addition, it should be noted that Mexicans prefer not drink water and soda. ”

As for physical activity, specifies that “exercise does not mean you have to pay a registration gym or sports center. Just, just get comfortable clothes and tennis, and go for a walk at least four days a week for 30 minutes. If you do not have the habit, you can start with a slow or moderate pace, reaching in a few weeks or intense walking pace. ”

Also it clarifies that the nutritionist healthy weight loss should be slow, gradual and sustained, so it is recommended to reduce only one kilogram to half kilogram per week. Further losses are not advisable.

Lastly, Dra. Martinez reaffirms the importance of changing those concepts that emphasize the pursuit of a stereotype of beauty extremely thin, it represents success, power and a way to gain social status and eradicate the idea that “being fat is synonymous with ‘bring the good life’, or a potbelly is ‘the curve of happiness’ “because in neither of these extremes in which leanness or flatterobesity is attending the most important for humans, which is maintain a healthy lifestyle .

“The World Health Organization claims that education is disseminated to the entire population in this sense, because 60% of deaths worldwide are due to causes that have to do with diet, lack of exercise and a lifestyle unhealthy. Currently, up to 43% of diseases could prevent or lessen its effects if patients had maintained a healthy weight and regular physical activity had made “concludes the nutritionist.

Weight Loss Diet Pill Side Effects.

What are the contraindications and adverse effects of diet pills? Compounds that act as appetite suppressants, mostly, are used to solve problems of obesity in the short term. The reason is not only in its effects as drugs disappear after some weeks later nothing, but because these medicines have side effects and complications of order, namely:

Other secondary consequences of drug Xenical, are the cramps, dripping oily stools, gas, and increasing loss of control over bowel movements; consequences are temporary and some strong start, but that could get complicated due to the high consumption of foods rich in fat. That is why anyone who wants to start a process of treatment with Xenical, you must first adapt to a low – fat diet , at least 30 percent fewer calories from fat. In addition to this, the weight loss pills cause a decrease in absorption of some vitamins, so their consumption should include, in combination, the intake of a multivitamin, at least two hours before or two hours after taking the tablets.

The other similar drug, Meridia should not be provided to people who suffer from uncontrolled blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, a history of heart attacks and heart disease. In this sense, if this substance is supplied, the person has the duty to monitor your heart rate regularly , as well as continuously monitor your blood pressure.

It is clear that diet pills are not the appropriate mechanism for every single person to corroborate this statement, one can say that, at present, for example, do not have any data, no study has analyzed the consequences or benefits of this class of drugs in children, young people or people of very old age. Finally, always consult your doctor or health care professional before trying any medication to lose weight for a long period.


Weight Loss Diet Pill Side Effects Undoubtedly, maintain a healthy weight through exercise and good nutrition is of great benefit to the health of the individual;however, I do risky way, making use of evaluation or medical procedures without consent, can generate regrettable lifelong effects. Find out and avoid being a victim of charlatans .


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