This is how ‘Tell me how it happened’ returned: have Merche and Antonio really divorced?

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Spectators have been following the comings and goings of the Alcántara family for nineteen years. The TVE series has been continually renewing its plots and changing its secondary characters over twenty seasons, but it has kept its spirit and the interest of the public almost intact.

This Thursday the long-lived fiction returned to the grill of La 1 with the great unknown of how the relationship between its two protagonists will continue after the sounded announcement of divorce, which left the followers very surprised. The episode, titled ‘Five Reasons to Hate Christmas’, takes a time jump of 9 months to move us to Christmas Eve 1990 . Antonio ( Imanol Arias ) and Mercedes ( Ana Duato ) have been separated all this time and both are focused on their new businesses. Mercedes has created its own fashion line, MF, while Antonio has expanded Viajes Milano, a travel agency that does not stop growing. Antonio will have a new girlfriend this season, a character that Natalia Millán will play Inés ( Irene Visedo ) has left the drama behind and begins to have doubts about her sexuality. For his part, Toni ( Pablo Rivero ) is not quite comfortable in his role as a father and longs for his sexual life with Deborah (Paloma Bloyd). Meanwhile, the little Alcántara, María (Carmen Climent) , has started studying Medicine and continues her relationship with her former Biology teacher, Salva (Javier Pereira).

In an episode divided into five acts, each titled with a reason to hate Christmas, we witness the last-minute setbacks that shake the protagonists before meeting for a Christmas Eve dinner at the Bistro. The event is organized by Antonio with the intention of burying the hatchet and recovering normality in his family, but it will not be as simple as he thinks.

Merche and Antonio, a final divorce?

The separation between Mercedes and Antonio shocked fans of the series in the first part of the season. However, fans have reason to hope, since during the first episode we see how their chemistry has not completely died and they even kiss again . In addition, in a conversation that both have in the hairdresser we discovered that they have not yet signed the divorce papers.

“Don’t you realize that you are still in love with me?” , says the patriarch of the clan to her former life partner. However, Merche is not willing, for the moment, to return to the arms of her still husband. The long-awaited reconciliation will have to wait, since those responsible for the series have confirmed that during the season we will meet a new girlfriend of Antonio, who will be played by Natalia Millán .

Inés’s sexual revolution

Inés is single again after separating permanently from Marcos (Carlos Cuevas), who began a new life in India alongside Laia (Greta Fernández). During a party with her classmates, Inés kisses on the lips with Belén (Beatriz Argüello) , her acting teacher. Although at first he regrets the kiss, everything seems to indicate that this plot will continue and during the season we will see Inés maintaining a relationship with a woman.

In addition, in another of the scenes we see Inés meet Miguel Ángel (Miquel García Borda), the father of a friend of her son Oriol with whom he also seems to have a special complicity. After a very turbulent stage for Inés, this second part of season 20 is going to be much more optimistic for the Alcántara’s eldest daughter.

Toni’s despair

Toni finds himself in an absolute crisis with Deborah, who does not want to have sex with him since she gave birth to her baby . On the other hand, the journalist does not manage to get along with his other son, Santi, the result of his previous relationship with Juana (Cristina Alcázar). The child has a very introverted attitude and uses a hood to hide a wound on his forehead. Will we find out what happens to little Santi?

To finish complicating life, Toni feels a strong attraction for her writing partner, Sara (Elena Ballesteros) , whom she even tries to kiss due to her disbelief, who rejects the proposal.

The unexpected appearance of Mª Teresa Campos

In the last minutes of the episode, when the whole family is watching the program of ‘The fair price’ in which the beloved Abraham (Miguel Canalejo) participates, we see on the screen a young María Teresa Campos wishing us a merry Christmas , in a moment priceless that the creators of the series have rescued from the RTVE archive. Let us remember that at that time the communicator triumphed on the public channel with her daily magazine ‘This is your house’, one of her first solo programs without the support of Jesús Hermida.

It is not the only surprise for fans of television nostalgia. The chapter also recreates a program of ‘The fair price’, with the appearance of the late Joaquín Prat , to whom, at times, his son, the popular face of Mediaset Spain, lends his voice, as we can see in the opening credits.

The neighbors of San Genaro

Of the new plots outside the Alcántara family, the one of Angie (Julia Piera) with a member of her family stands out. The transsexual hairdresser from the neighborhood will go through hell in the next few episodes because of her brother Benja, a new and violent character played by Álvaro Monje and who appears in Angie’s life to further complicate her existence.

And in the next episodes?

In addition to the aforementioned signings of Natalia Millán, Miquel García Borda and Álvaro Monje, the next chapters will also bring us the incorporations of Mariona Terés as Samira , Inés’s partner at the theater school and Iván Marcos in the role of Jero , the TVE camera that will accompany Toni to Iraq to cover the Gulf War .

On the other hand, the new episodes will show the farewell of Ana Arias as Paquita , a character who has accompanied viewers for sixteen years and that the actress has decided to leave behind to focus on other projects, as Ricardo Gómez did more than two years ago. years.

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