The two positions with which your woman will always reach orgasm

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Don’t be overwhelmed . Although it may seem complicated, practicing oral sex on your wife should be something fun that you both enjoy and not become a spiral of suffering. Even if you are not an expert don’t worry, everyone had to start somewhere.

The importance of foreplay in sexual intercourse is not a secret . There are numerous studies and references from professionals that show that women need foreplay, caresses all over the body and talk before having intercourse for it to be satisfactory. So get your batteries on.

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In addition, it is not necessary that you reach penetration , many times with oral sex it is enough for both of you to climax and enjoy it to the fullest. No woman likes you to go directly there. Take your time. The kisses, the stimulation of the breasts and nipples , the bites on the inside of the thigh are part of the dish that you are going to eat.

Go slow

You should wait until your partner is hot enough for him to beg you to end up between his legs. If you go too fast you will end all the charm. Sucking is the key for many (remember that some women have already started buying toys that perform this action). Delicately absorb every corner. Combine sucking with licking. We have to say that this is only for experts: if you do not control, do not do it, since a very strong absorption can even be painful. Many times oral sex is enough for you to climax. No woman likes you to go directly there. Take your time Do not go overboard with the speed , the rhythm is set by her: just interpret the reactions you provoke in her body. For all this to go well, there are some positions that favor this maximum pleasure. The first is this.

 She should lie on her back on the bed with her knees bent and her legs slightly apart . He between them while his partner grabs her head and presses it towards her clit. Both of you can enjoy an exciting experience that will undoubtedly be the perfect prelude to an explosive encounter. With this position it is achieved that the angle between the mouth and the female organ is favored .

Use your hands

That your only contact is not only with the tongue . Use your fingers to hold on to the buttocks and give it a will, do not stay halfway. Most women love that you grab their hips and butt while you’re there.

This position is practically the same, but the legs should be spread as if they were the wings of a butterfly . In either case, she must be lying down so that she is as relaxed as possible. Thanks to both positions, the vaginal muscles help to relax , therefore, the vagina lubricates naturally. It also gives the woman the power pass, something very exciting for the man since she can move her hips and decide the rhythm.

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