The best sexual experience, told by real men

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Probably if we asked you what has been your best sexual experience , you would travel with your mind to a remote past (or not so far) in which the stars conspired so that everything was simply perfect. It does not always happen, of course, but if you want to improve in bed and that you and your partner have a fabulous time , communication is important, and the first step is to tell what drives you crazy and why (although you do not need to explain with great detail an experience in which your current boy or girl did not participate).

At El Confidencial we have contacted a group of men who have seen fit to tell us about the experiences between the sheets that marked them the most and why. These have been their responses.

The best experience

Freedom probably has a lot to do with having a perfect memory of the moment: “Many years ago I had a crush on a guy who always came to the bar where I worked, but never listened to me. One night he came with some mutual friends and I had to attend to him . I invited him to a drink and that must have caught his attention. At the end of the night he gave me his phone number and when we left work we ended up meeting. At first I thought I could be disappointed after wanting to meet him for so long, but it was perfect The sex was brutal, we were in the room for hours without stopping and it met all expectations. But best of all, there was no compromise. We were totally free.. The next day, if I’ve seen you, I don’t remember. Maybe that’s the key for everything to work perfectly, “says 29-year-old Tomás .

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“The experience I had was quite mystical, and with my current partner,” says 30-year-old Ernesto . “We had been in the country, in a small cabin that we had rented, in the middle of nature . We took a walk, we cooked, we talked about silly things … quickly that happened to us commenting on how great the day had been and suddenly it all turned into foreplay and sex . Nature had something to do with it, it was like just another spectator, we felt very relaxed and serene, and I really have never been so horny in my life. I think that’s what the people sometimes, a moment in tune with the world and with the person next to them, “he says. My best experience happened in the shower. It was very sensual because I was not expecting it, and I loved looking into her eyes while we did it “I’m very ashamed to tell these things, but here it goes,” explains 19-year-old Toni , “my best experience was in the shower. I know it sounds uncomfortable and that there are a lot of people who are not enthusiastic about it, but I I have always liked to shower with my partner . At that time I was with a girl I had practically just met, we had very little. I was at that moment when your eyes were full of water (and therefore closed) and suddenly I notice that she has come down and … you can imagine. It was very sensual because I was not expecting it, and I loved looking into her eyes while she did it. “

Marcos , 25, has a perfect story for these dates: ” The best experience I’ve had? Well, surely once just before going out with my current girlfriend, that I met an ex from Jaén who had come with her mother to See Madrid around Christmas time. There were people in my house and her mother was in her hotel, so we walked around and ended up, while it was raining, giving us the lot just outside the Atocha station . She got horny and began to masturbate me to later, with two noses, go down and give me a blowjob. A couple of people saw us but hey, I was more morbid. After that, his mother had met some friends and we went to her hotel to finish what had started so well “. “I met a girl at a party and we hit it off immediately, we ended up going to smoke on the terrace, and there I asked if I could kiss her. My personal game began in which I asked her about everything, sex is an intimate experience and sometimes we are very vulnerable . we went to his apartment, asked her if she wanted a massage … the whole roll of submission I became very horny . at the end it was she who asked me if I fuck her. we had sex best I’ve ever experienced , “he says Carlos , 26 years old.

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