The 2 Most Recommended Muscle Mass Routines

There is a wide variety of routines to gain muscle mass . Here we will propose two trainings associated with different ways of grouping the muscles that will be exercised.

Routines to gain muscle mass: Two muscle groups

The first routine is designed to develop the muscles divided into two groups:  the first includes chest, deltoid, triceps and calves; and  the second back, biceps and legs.

The routines of the first muscle group would be done Monday and Thursday with the following exercises:

Press in bench and inclined press (three series of ten, eight and six); dominated with narrow grip (three out of ten), dumbbells with dumbbell and shoulder press with sitting bar (three sets of ten, eight and six); lateral elevations with dumbbell (three of ten), elevation of lying heels (three of twelve) and elevation of sitting heels (three of fifteen).

The second group of muscles would exercise on Tuesday and Friday in this way:

Abdominals in inclined bench (two to three series of forty), inclined knee lift (two to three series of thirty), squats (four series of ten, eight, six and six), press (three series of twelve, ten and eight ), leg curl, barbell deadlift, bench press with narrow grip, French press and inclined curl (three of ten, eight and eight, respectively) and dumbbell curl (three of ten, eight and six).

Routines to gain muscle mass: Four muscle groups

The second of these routines to gain muscle mass divides the muscle groups into four groups, exercising one each day in the following way:

Monday (chest and triceps):

    • Press banking, four series of ten, eight, eight and six;
    • Press banking inclined, three of eight, eight and six;
    • Press bank declined, three of eight, eight and seven;
    • Dumbbell openings, two of eight;
    • Pullover, two of eight;
    • Triceps extension with pulleys (four of ten, eight, eight and six);
    • French Press, three out of ten; funds, three out of ten, ten and eight.

Tuesday (back and biceps) :

    • Dominated, three sets of eight;
    • Horizontal rowing to one hand with dumbbell, three of eight;
    • Rowing sitting on pulley with open grip, two of eight;
    • Rowing sitting on pulley with closed grip, two of eight;
    • Pulley to the chest, three series of ten, ten and eight;
    • Bicep curl with straight bar, three of eight, eight and six;
    • Bicep curl on Scoot bench, three of eight, eight and six;
    • Curl inclined with dumbbells, two of fourteen;
    • Curl concentrates, two of ten.

Thursday (shoulders and forearms):

    • Front press with bar, three of ten;
    • Birds, three of ten;
    • Press Arnold, four out of ten;
    • Side elevations, lying on one side, two of ten;
    • Shrinking with dumbbells, two of ten;
    • Rowing to the neck with “Z” bar, two of ten;
    • Forearm supination curve “frontal”, four of ten;
    • Forearm prong curl “rear”, four out of ten.

Friday (legs):

    • Squats, quadriceps extensions in machine and femoral curl in machine, three of eight;
    • Strides, three out of ten;
    • Twins standing and twins sitting, two out of ten respectively.

These  routines to gain muscle mass  will be effective as long as you feed as your body demands. That’s why the SOMANABOLIC MUSCLE MAXIMIZER program  by Kyle Leon is one of the most recommended options for all cases, whether you are a skinny man who needs to gain muscle or a big man who wants to define more and burn fat.

With your routine to raise muscle mass carefully designed for the needs of each person, and your specific diet with the exact calories and nutrients your body needs, you will grow your muscles, yes or yes, no matter how skinny you are.

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