Sukin – Quality Skincare Product?

Maintaining beautiful skin requires discipline. For me personally I like to take care of her because I enjoy, it’s a kind of ritual that relaxes me, love creams and really enjoy it a lot. It is not difficult to achieve healthy skin, I think it is a matter of eliminating bad habits and acquire good. I am a believer correction rather than prevention. All these abuses we commit to sunbathe excessively, reveal to us too, smoking or drinking too much alcohol, are paid on a some point and that is when we Botox, the pestilent and all invasive techniques in my opinion have a line very thin between looking good or being a caricaturist yourself.

Having a more comprehensive and holistic view seems super effective in the long run, in our body everything is connected and if we think good habits to save us money.

It is difficult in our 20’s we value and understand these concepts, it is common that in this decade we abuse all entries in the 30s and started to become aware and in the 40’s can we let go to mourn to see nonsense that we made with our skin. It is interesting that the skin is the body’s largest organ, protects us all and we tend to mistreat much.


Sunscreen: The sun is stronger than ever. Sunlight is what most skin ages, the stain and makesflaccid. So you think that only use on the beach is a mistake. The sunscreen you use it every day on the beach or town (even on cloudy). If you wear makeup with SPF included it is excellent. My dermatologist recommended I use one with SPF 30 in the City. Soon you find a whole article of sunscreens, how to use it, what ingredients should you look, etc.

Vitamin C: If you’re eating all day fruits and vegetables you are covered in your levels of vitamin C, butnever hurts to take a supplement every day. It has been found that vitamin C does not generate levels of toxicity when ingested (as other vitamins that are not soluble, eg vitamin A). Vitamin C is excellent for healing, it is anti inflammatory, an antioxidant and a way to keep the skin young and smooth. Now, not because it is soluble means that you takewhole pot. Take 1 or 2 during the day. There are chew able, effervescent and pellet.

Moisturized: When you want your skin have that effect glow and hydrated, you can apply jojoba oil or olive oil on the part of your cheekbones and down your eyebrows. Just put few drops on your fingertips (one or two drops) and apply in this area. It looks very nice, but that if you do not puton the nose or other areas because you see greasy (it’s just a detail).

Fish oil: Take your cáspulas pesacdo oil or omega-3 is a very good habit for your skin. He will keep smooth, youthful and moisturized. Take the suggested amount of the bottle you buy.

Evening Primrose Oil: This is another supplement that I really like. Has many benefits,is a great antiaging product that is excellent for sensitive skin. Rejuvenates the skin, it helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Softens and moisturizes dry skin, helps to lighten dark circles, gives more elasticity and firmness, prevents the effects of aging and also read that helps with rosacea. The Evening Primrose Oil ‘ve found in GNC (I know it always control this shop, butis the most practical). I have also seen in stores organic or vegetarian food. It is taken orally and suggest that ingest the amount suggested on the bottle.

Come Green: Everything is green is good for the skin all the vitamins and minerals it contains. Broccoli, celery, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, kale among many others, are excellent ways to rejuvenate the skin. Vegetables can be eaten steamed, some raw or juiced. The famous green juices are wonderful because you can take in a single glass a lot of vegetables at a time. So I think that investing in a juicer worth. I’ll be posting an article with green juices recipes for the skin.

Silk sheath: Sleeping with a silk pillowcase is another tip for skin because you prevent irritated with the sheath usually has a more Apera fabric. You can lift without those marks pillow in the morning and is much softer for your face and hair. I have not seen in Mexico these cases, but I guess you can findin stores that sell white or even sendto make one.

Water: We always hear the happy water council, but most of us do not drink enough. In fact a good way to measure if you’re hydrated is in the urine, ifis very yellow means you need drink water. 2 liters is a good deal and see if you start to replace soft drinks or coffee by water alone, the skin is hydrated, cleaned of impurities and even inflammable you.

Sleep: The famous “beauty sleep” as they say in English has a reason, makes you look better! It is suggested sleep 7 to 8 hours. In my opinion 7 hours are few, is it because I love sleep ?. For me the ideal is between 8 and 9 hours, although I confess that I sleep on weekends more than 9. The dream is what makes you all your cells regenerate and is a factor that reduces stress. Try to go to bed at 10:00 PM. It has been found that between 11:00 and 1:00 am repair your adrenal glands, gall bladder and liver occurs. Keep awake disrupt sleep and affects your mood, stress you out and affect the appearance of your skin. I think people underestimate the power and importance sleep. In fact if people excellent nights sleep more, we would be less disturbed, neurotic and irritable. No cream that is equal to sleep.

Humidifier: When we are in dry environments, sleep with a humidifier is a great idea because it will generate humidity in your room and that will moisturize the skin. In addition, I personally relaxes me a lot. There are some humidifiers that you can add them escencias, you have to read the instructions to see if yours can do. I filled it with water alone.

Exercise: Try walking 30 minutes day. Exercise stimulates all your circulation, oxygenates the body and takes you to love hydrate so you take more water! It is an excellent way to eliminate toxins through sweat and pouting whenwake you will see that after exercising your skin changes.


  • Arteriole
  • Sleep made up: Are you avoiding your skin breathe and regenerate at night is very important sleep with a clean face.
  • Sugar:  Avoid eating refined sugar because increases your insulin response, increases levels of blood sugar, inflamed skin and can actually cause acne. Stop eating refined sugar and see if it works for acne. The organic honey or agave syrup to sweeten options are delicious.
  • Smoking: In addition to take away oxygen, damage the lungs and all that we know, smoking is to blame for the thin lines that leave us in the face and around the mouth.
  • keep awake
  • Junk Food: It inflames and stimulates aging


Important: With regard to supplements I recommend is important that if you suffer from any condition or are pregnant you consult with your doctor. Remember that I am not a specialist. You are are recommendations and suggestions that work for me and they can run you.

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