Today all women want to be attractive and groomed, but on numerous occasions due to family, work and our obligations, we do not have enough time or at least what we would like to have. If your case is one of those women who want to comply with everything and you only have a little time to fix yourself, these tips will help you to be prepared more quickly and consequently, to save more time.

Facial shine outside

To eliminate facial shine, do not hesitate to use a napkin. This problem is usually the result of having a fatty skin and to eliminate it in a simple and fast way it is best to use tissue paper. To do this you just have to go through the areas that are brightest with a little care and every time you need it. Do not make it too strong to not spoil the makeup that you have applied. If it gives you a bit of cut to do it in front of people, do not hesitate to go to the service when you see fit.

Compact dust

You have to say yes to the compact powder in the cream base. It is true that liquid bases can get to be perfect as long as their application is correct and the necessary time is taken. But in case of not having it and as what is intended is to take advantage of the minutes, it is best to use a compact powder to achieve excellent coverage.

Apply the powder on your skin with the sponge and in a matter of seconds you will be almost as perfectly made up as if you had used a liquid foundation.

Eye pencil

If you want to get a “smokey eyes” in a short time, you just have to draw with a dark tone the line of the eyelashes and then blur it with the help of the ring finger. With practice you will achieve beautiful and dark eyes in just a few minutes.

If you want to achieve a “cat eyes” effect, you have to know that it is a little harder to get it in a short time, but in any case, what you have to do is draw several points along the whole eyelid from the outer corner of your eye. Then with a liner draw the marks you have made where you want the line to pass and then fill it with the help of a liquid eyeliner.

Dry shampoo

This product is used every day and is an excellent option to remove excess fat and does not need any additional product or rinse. It can also be used to increase the volume of hair and of course, to give the hair a much cleaner appearance when you have not had time to wash it before going anywhere, either to the office or to an appointment. You will see how the results of this product do not disappoint you.

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