Through the face you can discover various conditions of the organism and due to its appearance you can get to intuit how our health is. Know these signs through the following article.


If the face has very marked bones and appears emaciated, it is due to an excess of diets or exercises. If you practice too much sport, the skin does not have the necessary fats and oxygen, so the face will thin you like any other part of the body.


If on the other hand your face is “plump” and shows a “fallen” aspect, it will show lack of exercise, a high level of stress or an excess of alcohol consumption. With these habits increases the production of hormones such as cortisol and the parotid gland. It also causes lack of elasticity due to a poor development of collagen, as well as fluid retention and circulatory problems.


Although wrinkles are associated with the passage of years, not always this is the trigger of the appearance of these. An aging of the skin can also be caused by smoking or excessive sun exposure. And is that UV rays can cause deeper and thicker wrinkles especially around the eyes and on the forehead, areas that have a much thinner dermis.

On the other hand wrinkles at the corner of the lips are a sign of lack of vitamin B. If the lips are cracked is due to a deficiency in vitamin C. In both cases it is advisable to consume more citrus fruits and green vegetables.


If you have a reddened appearance on your skin, it may be due to a high intake of coffee and not getting vitamin D in sufficient quantities. Like alcohol, caffeine dehydrates.


A yellowish color on the skin is a very clear sign of problems in the liver, such as cirrhosis or hepatitis.


If your face is too white even after eating, it may be due to a lack of iron. You may be anemic or have a deficiency in the production of hemoglobin in the blood. For them it is essential to consume foods that are rich in vitamin C as well as legumes.


If you continue to have pimples on your skin despite having passed the stage of adolescence, it may be due either to a condition of your genes or because of having a diet that is excessively rich in fats and dairy. And is that doctors say there is a compound in such foods that can cause a clogging of the pores as well as an excess of fat production, which causes the appearance of acne.

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