‘Sex Education’ (S2) returns to Netflix more fun, fascinating and witty than ever

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‘Sex Education’ , the series that dazzled, fell in love and incontestably agreed with critics and the public, returns to Netflix . It does so with the force of a disturbing, engulfing tsunami: more fun, delicious and heartwarming than ever . There are eight chapters, as large or more than the first; Those that left us amazed, exhausted and breathless, wanting as soon as possible another good dose of sex education. Fasten seat belts. The new of ‘Sex Education’ is here.

[‘ Sex Education’ (Netflix): masturbation, frigidity or abortion. The series without sexual taboos ] The first season of ‘Sex Education’ was a real revolution on television. Finally, a series dared, without cheating or cardboard, to try and talk openly about sex between adolescents. The setting, a conservative English school where a group of students, harangued and fought to solve, with the help of an avid youngster, their silenced, hidden and so often disguised bed problems. The new season is a waste of wit and humor, despite tackling serious and delicate issues Under a humor as British as it is daring, these absurdly indecent and suspiciously forbidden sexual conflicts, gave free rein to all kinds of fiery situations and fiery carnal fights. Premature ejaculation, homosexuality, ‘bullying’ … everything fit and fit in ‘Sex Education’.

For the eight new and priceless episodes, the whole libido of the Moordale high school kids is bubbling up, as we are used to in the series. But now that they have grown up, and have given the stretch, their pheromones pursue other unique and ardent goals : lose your virginity, have sex and, above all, do it well and be up to the task . For this reason, in front of Otis’s sexual office, unusual and recurring doubts arise, most of the time related to copulation. In this season, not only young people will fight their insecurities, frustrations and rough sexual practices . So will some of your parents; These conservative adults, as opposed to the sexual debauchery of their children, nevertheless accumulate, like them, important and suspicious bedroom deficiencies. They will get over them thanks, in part, to that crazy sexologist who is masterfully portrayed by actress Gillian Anderson .

Where do we stay?

The first season closed with several open fronts. The first and most important, the deep distance between Otis ( Asa Butterfield ) and Maeve ( Emma Mackey ), which was accompanied by the expulsion of the young woman from the institute. Adam ( Connor Sidwells ), after his torrid encounter with the delicious gay character that is Eric ( Ncuti Gatwan ), ended up locked up in a military school.

Otis will discover sex with his girlfriend Ola, while Maeve continues madly in love with him. The sexual attraction between Eric and Adam will increase Maeve, meanwhile, broke up with Jackson ( Kedar Williams-Stirling ) and Otis hung three medals: the respect and popularity of his peers as a sexual ‘therapist’, being able to masturbate to the end and finally having a girlfriend, Ola (Patricia Allison ). She was none other than the daughter of the Jackov, the sturdy and tough plumber with whom Jean Milburn ( Gillian Anderson ), Otis’s single mother, was associated.

What are we gonna see?

This new season starts with the mass hysteria among the students of the institute, caused by an outbreak of chlamydia . This epidemic uncovers the deficiencies in sexual matters within the educational protocol of the school, causing the character of Jean to acquire a notable and successful weight in the series. In addition to her particular sexual advice, Jean fights a dangerous battle with her son, who does not accept or respect her plumber boyfriend. For his part, Otis’s innocence gives way to an infinitely more self-confident boy . A full-fledged rebel who, in addition to being excessively obsessed with sex, is at times too insolent and capricious. His friend Eric, sweet, smiling and sensitive, will continue to be madly in love with Adam , who does not last long in the military.

Maeve is the great jewel of this season . Lonely, sensitive, sad, punished, disappointed in life and scorned by her classmates, she returns after her expulsion from high school, more in love than ever with Otis. He suffers all the indifference of his ex-office partner, who apparently only has eyes, for his new girlfriend Ola , with whom he also starts some interesting sexual practices.

As for the cast, there are three new additions who don’t add much to the story: Rahim ( Sami Outalbali ), a gay high school newcomer who hooks up with Eric; Viv ( Chinenye Ezeuduson ), a bright, unattractive student who will become Jackson’s tutor; and Isaac ( George Robinson ), who plays a disabled young man who moves into the trailer across from Maeve.

TraĆ­ler Season 2 ‘Sex Education’ (Netflix)

Season 2 of ‘Sex Education’, with that majestic sensitivity, is all a waste of wit and sense of humor. In no way, does this prevent him from dealing correctly in each chapter, such serious, committed and delicate issues, such as the psychological repercussions of a sexual assault, self-esteem, social and emotional relationships beyond sex and, of course, everything regarding pure and hard sexuality.

The series addresses the treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia, vaginismus, anal sex, condom use, onanism, homosexuality, and lesbianism. These last two, by the way, appear very present throughout the entire second season.

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