During the summer it is possible that a huge amount of problems appear when it comes to taking care of your skin due to the high temperatures, but we can also tell you that there are numerous ways to solve them in order to avoid the burns, spots and pimples that this season could cause us. If you continue reading we offer you some secrets for it.


Beauty starts from the inside, which means that you have to eat properly by eating salads, quinoa, berries and, of course, drinking lots of water. In case you did not know, the loss of water from our skin takes place during the night, so it is advisable to drink a glass of water before going to bed.

Protected lips

When applying sunscreen, most forget to protect the lips. The tissue around them is very delicate, so it is important to use a lip balm to protect from the sun’s rays, whether it is sunny or rainy. In the market there are lip protectors that can even give a little color to your lips.

Light products

In the same way that when we go from one season to another, the jackets are changed for more summery dresses, this time is a good season also to carry out some changes in the beauty routine. It will be necessary to leave aside the moisturizing creams that are thicker and change them with lighter creams and lotions.

Increase exfoliation

To remove excess oil, sunscreen and any accumulation of dirt in general, you have to exfoliate more often during the summer. If your skin is well hydrated, both your body and your face will perfectly support a greater amount of exfoliation. To remove dead cells from the legs and arms, use a body scrub, instead for the face you should make an occasional scrub that contains glycolic acid that will help eliminate the opacity. Keep in mind that exfoliants can cause a certain sensibility, so you should make sure to adequately protect your skin from the sun.

Sun protection

Although sun protection should be used throughout the year, during the summer it is especially important since it is when you spend more time on the street and the sun is closer. Do not hesitate to use a protective cream that has a high protection factor and do not forget to apply it in places like the ears or hands that are often overlooked.


At the end of the day, a moisturizing mask can help you get that feeling of softness and freshness that you crave. If you also keep it in the refrigerator so that when you go to use it is fresh to the touch, you will feel like you are in a spa. Use it three times each week to keep your skin well hydrated throughout the season.

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