Rosehip Treatment Serum: Facial Seum Blue! Skin Care

Rosehip Treatment Serum As a woman always want to look pretty and as young as possible, so when they appear the
first signs of aging can be very tiring or even frustrating to see how the skin
begins to change and lose vitality.

The body begins to age from 25 years, but there are many factors that
influence the skin to reflect this as well, some can be prevented so that the effect will not
be as severe.

Genetics: Only 25% of aging is related to genetic factors, that wants to
say that no one in your family is to blame for the aged appearance of your skin , and the more the better will take care.

The sun: The sun’s rays cause an effect called photo aging, these UV rays are
responsible for 90% of skin aging, so it is very important to protect yourself with some kind of blocker .

-The Hormones , especially dehydrogenate or easier DHEA, is known as the “youth hormone” The body produces small amounts of 7 to 25 years, which is when it reaches its maximum level, then lower your production by 20% in ten years.

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-Food: The power is directly related to the health and appearance of the skin, when you eat foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants helps the body get the nutrients you need to stay healthy and lessen or delay the signs of aging.

Environmental Factors: The environment also affects the appearance and health of your skin, smoke and pollution are the main causes obviously can not change that, but if you are of people who smoke have to quit. Cigarette consumption decreases blood flow, causing lack of oxygen in the body and damages the collagen and elastic production. The skin of smokers ages 2 times faster than those that do not.

If you want to look beautiful at any age, begins to take care of yourself and use products that nourish and give life to your skin. Revitalizing Supreme, has anti-aging multi-action, and responds to the needs of each skin. It helps reduce multiple signs of aging such as:

Lines, wrinkles , loss of firmness, dull and dehydrated skin. In just 4 weeks, 92%
of women who use it , show a firmer, more supple and revitalized.

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