RIDDEX PLUS is the only digital electronic repellent with built-in night light that leaves the home free of pests.
RIDDEX PLUS is the new pest control system that is safe for your family and pets as it creates an invisible insect repellent network that will keep your entire house free of pests by simply plugging in, starting to work and is not an irritating pesticide, and is safe for children , Pets and their electronic devices.

Riddex Plus Creates an invisible repellent network.
It will keep your whole house free of pests.
Just plug it in so you can start working.
It is not an irritating pesticide.
Safe for children and pets.

There will never be more rats, mice, and cockroaches.
It is not a toxic or poisonous chemical.
Designed to work through electrical wiring.
Use Only 2 Watts of Electricity

RIDDEX PLUS turns your home wiring into an invisible pest-repelling force field. Utilizing patented digital pulse technology and powered by a MOTOROLA microprocessor .
The Riddex Plus creates an irritating environment for pests on your walls, chasing them away from home. The plagues are not killed!


Simply plug it into a plug and its technology begins to work by altering the normal field around its wiring, creating an environment that helps in controlling rodents.

– Green light – indicates that RIDDEX PLUS is on, and must remain green at all times.
– Red light – indicates whether the cycle is on or off. The red light should flash for 3 minutes and another 3 minutes off, the cycle will repeat continuously as long as RIDDEX PLUS is plugged in.
– Blue Light – press the top button to turn night light on or off.

Riddex Plus Save Thousands of Pesos in Pest Control! A single unit of RIDDEX PLUS covers a complete level of typical nozzle. It is safe for children, pets and electronics. Laboratory tests have shown that RIDDEX PLUS really works!
RIDDEX PLUS has been so successful in eliminating pests in the last 12 years that more than 3 million have been sold.

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