Revita Youth Cream: It’s Really Work Skin Beauty!

The Revita Youth Cream skin care routine always starts with cleansing the skin, which is the basis and if that is not good, then you have a big chance that the products used are not functioning optimally after. I will try to explain it point by point, based on a number of questions that we see regularly over.

At what age do you start to clean the skin with Revita Youth Cream?
Basically, you can keep a few guidelines, always start with the cleaning of the skin as you begin to use makeup, then it does not matter whether you are 11 or 14 years.
Do you use any makeup, you can maintain in general that you should start with cleansing the skin as you hit puberty. Usually you will then go find that the changes in hormones the skin which is going to change, the skin can become fatter or drier, there pimples and blackheads can occur, the time to start cleaning the skin.

Why you should clean your skin as you do not wear makeup?
Even if you have no makeup used, it is necessary to clean the skin, every day we walk around in a world that is not particularly clean. Think of exhaust fumes, dirt, oil and grease, which come every day, visit our skin and filth we would like have off again. In addition, renews the skin from the inside out daily, this is finally a layer of dead skin cells refer to our skin. This layer is also back on the skin, dead skin cells can cause pimples, but also provide a drab, dull skin and it does not look healthy.

In itself can pretty, but be aware that you do not properly clean your skin as you get only a cotton ball with reinstatement over the skin. You can massage cleansing milk is best for dry skin (do not be too frugal) and removal with warm water, possibly with a cotton ball (if you do not leave of to take * wink *). To finish the cleansing ritual you use an alcohol-free toner that removes the last pickings dirt, but moisturizes and soothes the skin as well.

What cleanser should I choose, for any skin type?

This question is not as to answer 1-2-3, alas! I would like to give particular consider themselves to do research if anyone advice, after you wear the skin at you? Do you know if any how the skin reacts, how it feels and how it is best to take care of. Learn to listen to your skin and leaves the skin also encourage alone. First Try to find out what the “standard” types of skin your skin to compare the best.


How do I recognize the different Revita Youth Cream skin types?

A normal skin is skin that looks good, has virtually no visible pores, supple, radiant and so does not look dull, has a healthy color with normal blood flow, but also really ever has a blemish or wrinkle. Normal skin is almost always dehydrated, especially when you get older.

An oily skin is often thicker, has visible pores, often more pimples or blackheads, excess sebum making the skin shiny. You are inclined to choose a violent cleaner to remove the “fat” feeling, but it can work properly contradictory,

a dry skin feel regularly taut, can have dandruff, redness and dry lines, the skin does not feel comfortable, it looks often parent.

Of course you can also combination skin have, the forehead and the nose can eg. An oilier skin type than the skin of the cheeks.

What do I use for oily skin?
Preferably no products for oily skin ….. that sounds a bit contradictory, but cleansing oily skin often contain drying ingredients like alcohol and soap, these ingredients strip the fat as it were, of the skin and ensure that that the skin will dry out. The sebaceous glands often produce even more fat where the problem is often worse. Use mild products continues to avoid, try alcohol products and use an Revita Youth Cream! (read more in this article). Clean the skin in the morning and evening.

What do I use for dry skin?
Certainly no products too much foam, which dry the skin more often than some more creamy cleansers. A cleansing milk can be a good solution for dry skin, precisely because they are somewhat creamier. But there are also richer cleansing creams, often intended for mature skin but also comfortable for dry skin. Apply after cleansing immediately if the skin is still damp to a fatty cream, so close the moisture. Do not clean the skin excessively, not to use hot water and avoid ingredients that can irritate (This also applies to vegetable ingredients). Clean the skin in any case always the evening and remove the rich night cream with a cotton ball and some toner.

What do I use for normal skin?
There you have the most choice in products, but avoid too much foaming products and products with alcohol in it, though you might not have to “suffer” do not carry these products / ingredients to healthy skin. Clean the skin in any case always in the evening, with a rich night cream you in the morning if necessary clean a bit the skin.

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