Proteins to Increase Faster Muscle Mass

In the growth of muscles are not only essential exercises and a good diet, but also a good intake ofprotein to increase muscle mass . However, it should not be forgotten that in the growth and strengthening of muscles also plays an important role in the consumption of carbohydrate foods, because when they are missing, the body burns proteins.

Some nutritionists recommend consuming 1.5 grams of protein per kilo of body weight per day, however, when not enough carbohydrates are consumed you have to increase your protein intake to two grams or more.

Protein foods to increase muscle mass

  • Let’s start with the red meats , which are stuffed with proteins, and also have creatine and iron, necessary for blood. We must rule out cuts high in fat and consume solomo, round bottom, sirloin top and lean meats to 95%. These cuts have about thirty-six grams of protein per hundred and seventy grams and it is advisable to consume two servings daily.
  • The poultry meat is also rich in protein: in one hundred and seventy grams of skinless chicken can be found forty grams of protein and just two grams of fat. The turkey breast is even richer in nutrients, in a portion similar to chicken there may be forty-two grams of protein and only one gram of fat. You can eat up to four daily servings of turkey or chicken knowing that you are only acquiring proteins to increase muscle mass.
  • The fish are also an excellent option to increase the size of the muscles: in six ounces – seventy grams – of tuna can be found up to forty four grams of proteins.
  • There are those who consider chicken eggs as the perfect food because of its high content of quality proteins, accompanied by a rich set of vitamins and minerals. It is considered quality because the body absorbs almost everything and retains it. To reduce the consumption of fats when eating eggs, it is recommended to eliminate four yolks for every six eggs eaten daily. A six-egg tortilla contains twenty-eight grams of protein and barely ten grams of fat.
  • Another product widely recommended to increase muscle mass is milk , whose proteins are digested by the body slowly, thus offering a continuous source of amino acids to the body. A glass of skim milk can contain eight grams of protein.
  • Finally, other foods rich in protein, but also in carbohydrates, and that can be eaten between meals, are nuts and seeds , which also provide other nutrients and antioxidants.

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