There are some feminine secrets, which girls do not usually share because of grief, shame or fear. But it is necessary that they sometimes leave those doubts of asking for help and thus avoid the appearance of diseases or more serious problems.Problems that are silentBeing a woman is not easy and there are thousands of situations that can make girls very nervous and anxious, and without counting that some of those fears force them to keep silence, because what they suffer is something very private or intimate. The origin of some fearful attitudes of women may be due to this:

– Vaginal discharge with a bad smell is very common in many women around the world, but few know how to handle it and less when they have not had a consultation with a gynecologist or a specialist. They usually occur in the fertile age and are generated by bacteria that do not need air, because what is so easy to survive and better if it is a very humid environment. What makes girls desperate in addition to the bad smell is itching and burning. 

– The warts in the vaginal area have a very large insecurity and not only when discussing their problem, but for the time in which they get to have sex. The cause is precisely the sexual relations and they appear by oral, genital or anal contact with someone who is infected with the human papillomavirus. That is why it is recommended that every year women with an active sexual life, perform an examination to rule out diseases or to eradicate the infection. 

– The little known dyspareunia but so lived by so many women, is something that they have to live in silence, for fear of what they think or say their partner or even lose. It is about the pain that is felt at the time of being with another person and just at the moment of penetration and instead of being a pleasant moment full of pleasure, it is distressing and causes the loss of interest or excitement. In fact the treatments can be diverse, as well as the causes, because just as it can be a physical damage, it can also be due to a psychological alteration. 

– The pain in the breasts is also quite common and especially when you are in the days of the period. But in reality it is not pleasant at all and less when you have sex, because they often appear days before the bleeding appears. On the other hand, the pain can be so strong that it can affect common activities such as sleeping. 

– Having one breast larger than another is not at all pleasant and although at first glance it is not noticed, if it makes them feel very bad. When they are naked it is easy to notice in front of a mirror and even when using the bra, it will be perceived, because there will be a glass that fits perfectly, but another one will be either very large or very small. 

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