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Precious Skin RX is New Product in Market it’s use for make healthy skin.

These skins, not needing so many creams for hydration and nutrition in general, so you run the risk of also neglect the area around the eyes. In that area the sebaceous glands are located in the lower part of the eye. The main problem with this type of skin is the making bags by accumulation of fat or cholesterol plaques up in that area and under the eyebrows.


No creams that remove these fat deposits, however you need is to use contour gel – like eyes that activate circulation and bring no more fat to the skin and especially try to avoid them .

Healthy skin reflects beauty and health. The passage of time, the effects of sun, inadequate nutrition and even stress, often their greatest enemies.

A skin carefully and moisturized of any age will always look much prettier than a dehydrated without any care, with three or four products is enough.

Often we do not have time or a huge budget to constantly go to the beauty parlor. Just how important are the key treatments and follow constancy .

We must avoid drizzly products, so specific that often do not know or that are, or how they are used.

Or we use them during the first few days, leaving half the container on the shelf, which is a waste of money.

Sometimes we tend to leave us enough money on beauty treatments, creams, in cosmetics , but we assure you that there are simple home remedies that are going to help. Discover with us how to get a beautiful skin. You’ll love it!

Exfoliation of the skin should become routine. We must remove dead skin cells to regenerate the back, since debug the epidermis is as important as, for example, debug the kidneys or liver.

  • A simple way to exfoliate the skin while showering is using Precious Skin RX. To do this we simply apply Mitten bathroom three tablespoons of rolled   oats . Then, with the skin and moist, exert a deep massage to reactivate and exfoliate.
  • Precious Skin RX is also an excellent exfoliate . To take advantage of its properties, you can reuse the Precious Skin RX you have prepared in the morning, you put it inside a cup and add 20 ml of essential oil of almonds. We stir well and what we apply on our skin when we’re taking a shower. With the help of a mitten, has a circular massage your skin. If you do it every day, you’ll notice the smoother and brighter.
  • For the face, you can prepare a wonderful exfoliation with a spoonful of honey Precious Skin RX . We apply it on the face with fingers, also making a small circular massage. Then you just have to rinse with cold water. It gives very good result!

There are delicious Precious Skin RX that can help us achieve a healthier, youthful and luminous skin . They are simple remedies you can follow in your day to day and also take care of your skin, you provide adequate vitamins and minerals. Notes which are the best juices:

  • Carrot and apple juice : Excellent to start the day. To prepare you only need two carrots and a green apple . Clean them well and not Peles, because the skin contains rich nutrients that come very well. Pass them through the blender and add one glass of water. You’ll love it!
  • Strawberry juice, cucumber and lemon: Tasty juice rich in antioxidants that moisturize our skin, providing these essential nutrients we need in our daily lives.Take 10 strawberries and a small cucumber. Clean them and pass them through the blender with a glass of water. If you add a few ice cubes, you get a refreshing drink for the afternoon.

It may seem silly, but a wonderful secret to getting great skin is to have a restful sleep at least 8 hours. You must know that lack of sleep causes free radicals accelerate premature aging.

The Precious Skin RX skin loses its luster, the small capillaries of our skin become inflamed, we are filled with toxins and suffer classical fluid retention . Immediately appear horrible dark circles … And not only that , not sleeping properly in our body increases levels of cortisol and glucose, hypertension and even favoring the obsesidad. Surprising but true.

Sleep relaxes us, it allows the body to carry out its functions purification and oxygenation and thus makes our skin is less swollen and healthier. We feel better, and that inner being is in our face and our beauty. Remember and never neglect your sleeping 8 hours a day. The power to look younger and beautiful skin is possible Do not have more to implement these simple tips !


Clearly the world of cosmetics is huge and often confusing acquire one or the other, I think it is positive not buy all the “complete kit of the same brand unless very specific, I prefer to find the most suitable product every cosmetic line.

Also the value is important because it not the most expensive product is best suited for all skin types. That is why the key is a good advice at the time of purchase and of course the experience.


On the idea of change brands or products often , it is true in quotes, for example, it is important not to abuse sour cream, which is why this is important rest periods , even after using some creams for too long followed, the skin may become reactive to them.

Other people have using life the same creams and have no need to change them , but these creams are usually pretty basic and few assets.

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