Peyronie: the pathology that affects men over 30

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You may have never heard of this condition but one in 10 men suffer from it. The Peyronie ‘s disease is the development of scar fibrous tissue within the penis that causes curves and painful erections . Members come in different shapes and sizes, and having a curved erection is not necessarily a concern. However, in some men the disease, also called plastic induration of the penis , causes significant curvature or pain.

This condition can prevent the patient from having sexual intercourse , or making it difficult for him to achieve or maintain an erection. For many men it also causes stress and anxiety, according to the Mayo Clinic . Sometimes the disease goes away on its own . But, in most cases, it will remain stable or get worse . And so treatment may be necessary if the curvature prevents satisfactory sexual intercourse.

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The condition, named after the 18th-century French surgeon who first studied it, tends to affect men 40 and older . It is believed that it can be caused by an injury caused by playing sports or rough sex . Trauma, which may go unnoticed at that time, causes scar tissue to build up. Peyronie’s can also be genetic in some men, while studies have linked it in some cases to low testosterone levels . A blow while playing sports or practicing sex can cause tissue to accumulate in the member causing curved and painful erections Doctors say diagnoses have increased significantly in recent years as men feel less uncomfortable seeking help. Asif Muneer , a consultant urological surgeon and andrologist in London, attributes the cultural impact of Viagra and media coverage of sexual health to removing the barrier of shame. “Many of them come with their partners, which never used to happen,” he explains in ‘The Guardian’ , adding that he sees at least one new case of Peyronie every day.

The treatments

However, Muneer explains that knowledge about the pathology remains low , considering the potentially traumatic and emotionally changing effects of the disease. The treatment can be complex and cumbersome and may require invasive surgery. Also, a recently approved drug for Peyronie is very difficult to find and is about to be withdrawn entirely from Europe by its American manufacturer. Knowledge about the pathology remains low, considering the traumatic and emotionally changing effects of the disease For many, surgery becomes the best hope to correct the curve. A surgical procedure that involves removing a wedge from the longest, unaffected side of the bent penis to realign it. Various medications have also been tried for this disease, with varying levels of success.

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An investigation of 2015 states that Xiapex (a drug injected into the penis) is less invasive and risky surgery, but ees not appropriate in all cases. It is also classified as an expensive drug, it costs more than 1,500 euros for each application and requires three monthly injections for three months.

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