The Perfect Wine Bottle Opener – Makes A Perfect Gift!

Your Perfect Wine Bottle collection is growing gradually and you start to run out of space? You want to get started in the wine tasting? So you have to carry not only the conservation of the wine , but also to its storage .And often, one does not go without the other.

In what environment storing your wine bottles?

You do not store wine was aged in the same way that we would store a wine that is to be enjoyed in the hours or days ahead.

The tasting temperatures vary from one wine to another: thus, Perfect Wine Bottle should ideally be drunk at a temperature of between 12 ° and 16 ° C depending on its characteristics, so that white wine should be used much cooler (between 8 ° and 10 °, some up to 12 ° C) . These bottles can be allowed to cool in a simple refrigerator or chilled water tanks, or be warmed to room temperature until tasting.

In the latter case, it is possible to store the bottles which do not require special packaging in wall bottle holder . They attach to the wall and used to group up to 10 bottles. Very aesthetic, they highlight your bottles while keeping at hand.

The wine was aged need a very specific environment: closed, away from light, sounds, smells and jarring . The ventilation plays an important role in the conservation of the bottles, to the extent that good ventilation is necessary but drafts are avoided. The temperature should be monitored especially steady  : ideally should be 11 ° or 12 ° C. Most often, the cellar of a house can bring all (or nearly all) of these features.Some wineries, especially in cities, must undergo work thermal insulation and sound as they are very close to roads and therefore sensitive to vibrations, not recommended for a proper wine storage .

Perfect Wine Bottle

Two storage modes are distinguished: the bottles racks or wine cabinets . Besides similarities, each has its own characteristics, advantages and also disadvantages.

Both storage means have the advantage of the wine bottles horizontally , not upright. Indeed, the cork should be in contact with wine to keep its original shape and maintain a tight seal of the bottle. If the cap is not moistened with wine, it can dry and shrink on himself.That would affect the sealing and wine might oxidation.

The advantages and disadvantages of bottle locker

The locker bottle has the advantage of being stack able . It can store several bottles in a relatively small space; the record being 106 bottles per m² through the locker polypropylene bottle . Moreover, it is lightweight but durable and has notches specially positioned to ensure maximum stability . It is possible to group several lockers to organize the space of the cellar even before all the bottles for filling. If a bin is full, no worries, another can be easily installed.

It also allows to easily spot the castle of your wine and date: for example, the locker bottle polystyrene has pitches to record any information about your wine. In addition, polystyrene or polypropylene, the bottle racks are not a real financial investment r insofar prices are positioned around € 10.

However, this storage method has no influence on the wine storage parameters so you have to check for yourself if your basement has the prerequisites for successful aging. Thus, the temperature must be controlled manually , the latter risking vary according to changes of external environment over the years. It is possible to store your bottles of wine clever way: the white wines closer to the ground, red wines in the middle or top.

The advantages and disadvantages of the wine cabinet

The wine cabinet allows people with no basement to store their wine bottles . Indeed, the cabinet can be placed in any room (basement, garage …), regardless of the temperature of the latter. A wine cabinet to store on average between 50 and 200 bottles, the largest can hold up to 1000!

Its biggest advantage is that the storage temperature and the environmental humidity levels are monitored by the cabinet . Thus, you avoid unpleasant surprises related to natural temperature variations.

However, buying a wine cellar is a real investment and prices vary depending on models and their uses. An aging wine cabinet will not cost the same price of a service wine cabinet for storing wine bottles in a subsequent tasting. It takes at least 500 € for an aging cabinet and at least 150 € for a working cabinet.

These cabinets are electrical devices: the power consumption should be monitored . It is possible to favor products with good energy class but they cost more. Also, any electronic device is susceptible to breakdowns and, in this case, wine storage can be severely disrupted.

The wine cabinets and bottle racks can satisfy amateurs and professionals, but they prefer the charm of aging in old wine cellars and therefore rely on the convenience of the locker bottle .

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