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Teamwork is a combination of communication, coordination and balance of the contributions of each member. There are several advantages of using teamwork. These benefits include speed, satisfaction, support, efficiency, innovation, unity and creativity. In
addition, these benefits of teamwork can help achieve and achieve goals more effectively.


1. Speed
Assuming that one person is assigned a project that could take months and perhaps years to complete it . By splitting the project between several people, work can move forward at an impressive pace. This also makes it faster to reach a final goal.

2. Satisfaction
When individuals who have worked together as a team to achieve a common objective see the fruits of their efforts, high motivation is generated. As each team member interacts with others, more energy and enthusiasm adds. When this energy is put into use, it produces results, which impacts positively on motivation and leads to success.

3. Support
When people work together in a team that tends to create bonds between each other.Any eventuality, when support and encouragement in the team, people can overcome any problem.
Never underestimate the importance of support in achieving results.

4. Stimulus
Support of various talents and skills can produce a very productive team. When one of the strengths can withstand a negative stimulus, the rest of the team is strengthened and can continue to grow.

5. Innovation
When successful teamwork increases innovation. It is true that two heads can be better than one. Several team members can provide ideas for solutions together, and thus achieve the objectives more efficiently.

6. Unit
One of the most valuable benefits of teamwork is the sense of unity that accompanies a positive work environment. This can create a mentality of “all for one and one for all”, which is good for the goal of the organization.

7. Creativity
Everyone has different skills, knowledge and personal characteristics. By using all these different aspects of a team, more ideas can be generated. As more ideas are generated, more creative solutions are created, leading to better results.

the best way to get out of your work day is planning it . Spends 20 to 40 minutes daily to this task and, for any reason, think it is wasted time. Quite the contrary. The definition of a good work schedule will allow you to prioritize with certainty and advance the really important issues

If you do it every day, will ultimately improve your “global vision” on your tasks and be able to anticipate difficult meetings or identify new tactics to improve your performance. If you arrive early, those minutes of concentration will be your best ally when planning your day.