Tonics for facial skin are products used to care for the skin and that by their composition, help to reaffirm and moisturize while controlling the production of excess fat. The assets penetrate easily through the pores and reduce their expansion, so they are ideal to prevent all kinds of imperfections such as blackheads. You will love it!

Chamomile infusion

This infusion is a tonic that has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that contribute to having a smoother and more imperfect skin. It is recommended to relieve burns and irritations, in addition to serving to lighten the spots.

To prepare it, add some chamomile flowers to a glass of boiling water and let it sit for twenty minutes. After that time is passed through a sieve and taken to the refrigerator. 
When it is cool, dip a little cotton in the infusion and rub on the neck, neck and face. It is allowed to absorb without rinsing and its use is repeated daily.

Infusion of roses

This infusion is an astringent and moisturizing product that tones the skin while reducing the presence of fats and toxins. Its use in a regular way helps maintain the balance of the sebaceous glands by decreasing the clogging of the pores.

A glass of water is boiled and when it reaches a boil, forty grams of rose petals are added. The preparation is left to simmer for two minutes and then removed. It is left to cool and it is packed in an airtight jar. To apply it you should spray the whole face with the infusion of roses and let it absorb without rinsing. It should be used every day as part of the beauty routine.

Basil infusion

The basil has anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties that tone the skin and reduce irritation. Its application decreases the black spots and the size of the enlarged pores. 
Twenty grams of basil are added to a glass of boiling water and left to rest for twenty minutes. The result is filtered through a sieve and packaged to be stored in the refrigerator before use, which must be done by moistening a piece of cotton in this liquid to apply it all over the face. It should be allowed to absorb without rinsing it and repeat its application every night.

Infusion of lavender

Lavender can be used as an antibacterial and astringent tonic since it helps to reduce excess fat production and prevent acne. Its antioxidant compounds help promote the regeneration of cells and stimulate the healing of burns or superficial wounds.

In a glass of water, add two spoons of lavender, let it rest and store it in a jar with a lid. For its application, the tonic should be sprayed all over the face and allowed to absorb without rinsing. It should be used every day up to twice.

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