Myths and truths about gray hair


What causes them and how to hide them?

It all starts out like a normal day when suddenly bam! , you find yourself with your worst nightmare, something you thought would never happen, or at least not for a few years: you have gray hair. But why do gray hair appear? How to hide them? If you start it, will you get more? Join us to get to the root (silver – sorry not sorry -) of this matter and let us resolve once and for all if these myths are true or false below.

The appearance of gray hair is related to age: TRUE.

In most cases, its appearance is a consequence of time since each time we are producing less melanin , the natural pigment that gives our hair its color. Of course, each person has their own pace and production capacity, so some will have gray hair before others.


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Gray hair is gray: FALSE.

Although it may seem so at first glance, the truth is that the mixture of hair color with gray hair creates a visual effect, making them look gray. But actually the color of gray hair is neither white nor gray, it is yellow. Of course, depending on the keratin and melanin that we have, the tone will be stronger or softer.

Lack of vitamin B and B12 accelerates its appearance: TRUE.

Surely you have seen someone very young with gray hair. This is a consequence of the lack of vitamin B. To avoid its appearance, experts recommend consuming foods such as avocado, salmon, nuts, egg yolk, carrot and other antioxidants to avoid a premature appearance.

The sun enhances the appearance of gray hair: FALSE.

The sun may lighten the hair, but in reality there is no clear scientific evidence that more exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause more gray hair to appear.

Smoking causes more gray hair: TRUE.

As if its negative effects weren’t enough! Now some research indicates that tobacco increases the precocity of gray hair, especially if it is combined with alcohol. Leave it alone, it is clear that this vice only brings you problems.

Stress accelerates its onset: TRUE.

There is evidence that emotional or physical stress can directly influence premature hair loss and therefore also its color, because when they are born again they lose part of their pigmentation. Of course, it is a long-term process and will never happen immediately.

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Gray hair is genetic: TRUE.

Genetics is what determines the average age a person will start to have gray hair. Take the test, analyze your relatives and you will get an approximate answer. What is written in your DNA no one can erase.

If you pull out one gray hair you get seven: FALSE

You will not get seven, you will get one, the same one you started! But beware, that does not mean that now if it bothers you to see that gray hair, it is best to pull it out. In the end you can end up damaging the follicle and as a consequence that hair will not grow again. Anyway, yes, you can tear them off without fear of multiplying.

Gray hair is reversible: FALSE.

It’s one thing to make them disappear by painting your hair, but there is nothing you can do to remove them or restore their color naturally. Of course, this does not mean that the only thing that works is the permanent dye, there are natural colors, herbal remedies or henna dye that you can also consider.

So there you have it. You are already clear about what is and what is not in terms of your gray hair, now it is up to you if you want to face them or show them off, after all, “granny hair” has been a trend for a few seasons , and if it is natural! better than better!

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