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Therefore, it is Living Nature Rosehip Radiance Night Oil that we must be very aware that there is a basic routine to prepare the skin and thus resist all hours of the period coming from the most appropriate and perfect form.

At the end of the day it is when you should pay attention to your skin. Many believe that at night does not happen absolutely, but at least the skin works and is very important to have some products to give you the best tools to get a great result.

“At night our skin regenerates and assimilates much better treatments that apply to it, so we can use a heavy or very emollient cream. That if we have any condition that may worsen with this kind of cream. For example acne, “he explained the doctor.

He also explained the specialist must take into account that cold, heat, affects us and can we reach the end of the day something dehydrated skin and this is the best time to make a tune.

On the other hand, if you are using a specific treatment for wrinkles, acne, or your skin is very sensitive, sensitivity, this is the best time to apply ourselves some serum (whey). “It is best to apply ourselves facial serum before moisturizer at night. “Also, apply ourselves before our night cream I recommend apply ourselves, our eye contour” established the Pedro-Collator doctor.

“The eye contour must always take care of him, not necessarily whether or not we have crow’s feet, eye contour can be used for bags that appear in the lower lid, to give our eyes a rested appearance, etc.

Now when we talk about a basic routine at night we can list the following steps.

Living Nature Rosehip Radiance Night Oil is super important to take away all the makeup. “You must use a product that cleans the skin and let the natural. Sleeping with makeup prevents the skin to breathe, and causes clogged pores and this brings negative results such as black spots or acne and pimples ”

The second step is to apply tonic This may be optional, but it is worth doing. Tonic helps us among other things to remove any residual makeup cleansing cream or soap has not been removed. The doctor advised us to use in the T zone of the face. This is recommended especially for those with oily skin, to avoid saturating the face.

Apply Living Nature Rosehip Radiance Night Oil- This should be according to your skin type. If you feel dehydrated can be a bit thick

Living Nature Rosehip Radiance Night Oil uses a special for the eye area , this way you keep that delicate area sufficiently hydrated.

As you can see few steps, however if you follow and become your routine every night, in just a couple of weeks you’ll notice the difference and you’ll do every day easier.

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