KETO//OS Bio Max – Side Effects? Supplement

If the experimental data available KETO//OS Bio Max today do not prove that the consumption of amino acids is a factor in improving performance for power athletes, protein intake will remains indispensable.However, do you know the true role bodybuilding protein and the right dosage to comply each day ?



Take KETO//OS Bio Max when practicing bodybuilding is essential, and this for two reasons. The first is that the muscles are composed of a set of muscle fibers, within which are present contractile proteins.It is these proteins that have the characteristic to contract and relax. They are responsible for the movement, simply.


The second reason is that the proteins are all the more essential that they promote the growth of muscle mass , particularly in the context of intense physical activity. Muscles are indeed made from amino acids, which are used by the body to repair damaged muscle tissue. Therefore, the KETO//OS Bio Max consumption  among bodybuilders is particularly important.



In general, it is believed that KETO//OS Bio Max intake is covered when it is between 12 and 14% of total energy intake. The fitness practitioners , meanwhile, have needs proteins between 1.3 and 1.5 g / kg of body weight / day . As part of a mass gain , needs must not exceed 2.5 g / kg body weight / day , this for a period of 6 months and following medical advice.


Ideally, the protein intake must be covered daily by a balanced diet. If an additional intake of protein for muscle development or good recovery is required, remember this: 2/3 of the protein intake should be insured by common foods, the last 1/3 can be filled with protein supplements such as powders, never exceeding more than 1g / kg body weight / day.




You will therefore understand that the proteins are essential to protect and repair the muscle when practicing a strength sport. The building muscle requires above all a regular strength training and sleep.

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