Increase Your Muscle Mass Quickly In Few Days

Muscle mass gain is an important period in strength training. It requires certain rules to be controlled. In fact, athletes who aim to take mass tend to believe that it is enough to favor an intensive training program. Many then observe the results below expectations. See the winning recipe to solidify rapidly and become more massive .


In weight training , we often hear of mass outlet and dry. Only you know the difference between these two training goals? The dryer is to lose fat while strengthening its musculature for better muscle definition. Conversely, the ground connection is gaining weight and muscle volume .Here, food is paramount.


In the practice of bodybuilding , weight gain is to increase the volume of muscle and is therefore characterized by weight gain. The goal here is not just to gain muscle , but also the weight: he will have associate a fat gain (body fat) and lean mass gain (muscle). You will understand therefore that it will be necessary to combine nutrition with training. Because increase its mass without gaining muscle is possible, but gain muscle fat in take is not!

Take a maximum of muscles is not so simple. Genetic predisposition plays an important role in the ability of each to become muscular. However, even if we are not all equal before our physical, that does not mean you we will never get good results. It will simply provide the means to achieve its own mass gain goals.


In periods of mass gain, bet on a high calorie diet , that is rich in nutrients (carbohydrates and proteins), for several months (2-4 months). You must increase your intake of protein and carbohydrates to provide your body with all the nutrients needed to build muscle. The excess food will help to link this period to a more intense strength training and more frequent than usual. You can locate to a rate of 3 standard meals + 3 snacks per day (eat every 3 hours). Dietary supplements are not essential but may help.


The drive is the base of the muscle development . To become more solid , you must work with heavy loads , using the bar or dumbbells, or bet on exercises to body weight. Avoid exercises in isolation, focusing on the basic exercises that work the large muscle groups and seeking more joints. For example: squat, dead lift, rowing, prints, developed on weight bench and dips. These movements give you more muscle gains than single-joint exercises. The more you apply muscles, most anabolism reaction is strong and therefore you gain muscle.

Limit training time to save energy for recovery , muscular construction period. Your weight training sessions will not exceed 1:30 or 2 hours, heating and combined exercises. Short and intense efforts will give more results than long sessions (these could lead to the muscle breakdown, fatigue and nervous system over training).


Do not neglect rest periods! It is during recovery that takes place the mass uptake . Apart from your workouts, the muscles need to rest to better reconstruct, strengthen and develop. If they are weakened by inefficient recovery phases, they may be subject to damage, tears or other injuries.The pace? Alternate one training day and a recovery day. Also bet on a good nights sleep to allow time for your body to regenerate.

Now you know some fitness tips for a successful weight gain. Remember that success is throughnutrition , the training and recovery . This period is often followed by a phase regime or dry .Indeed, to draw the muscles earned through your efforts, you will need to lose the fat accumulated during this period.

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