“I always have sex at company dinner”: the craziest night of the year

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The company dinners give a lot to talk about the next day. Everything begins correctly with a little wine and a few straws , continues with cold starters, hot canapes and ends with a variety of sweets. Then comes the moment that many long for hours: the open bar.

Bosses and colleagues go to the nearest waiter to drink everything that comes their way. A drink there, a shot there … and when you want to realize it, you are dancing to ‘My great night’ by Raphael , giving it all with one of the computer scientists with whom after four years of company, you had not spoken a word until the moment.

Photo: Frame of ‘And your mom too’.

What men say about threesomes, told by themselves

A. López

Another drink, we change places, a shot, I ask the dj for a song and when you want to find out the next day you don’t even remember your name. You have everything blurry and you think you didn’t mess it up much, but you have some blurry flashes and … it comes to mind that you hooked up in the bathroom with the lady from Human Resources , and it’s 30 years old! You pray that no one saw you and you don’t have to go down the path of embarrassment at the office. This story is not true, but something similar has happened to many at some time at their Christmas dinner at work . El Confidencial has contacted several people from different sectors to tell us about their experiences in this type of event and everyone we have asked ended the night with someone from work. We tell you his most embarrassing or funny moments .

Single vs married

According to the latest data from a survey from a well-known dating website , only 10% of men said they would never cheat on their partner with someone from work at a Christmas party, but the percentage increased when they were asked: 20 % would never be unfaithful with a partner. However, 33% of these women, registered in this social network that already has 6 million members in more than 33 countries, admitted to having fooled around with their coworkers on these dates, and 29% of them do it more when such events are approaching. For some people who have been in relationships for a long time, these parties are the perfect excuse to feel like they are almost single. ” I am young and sexually active. I have no problem enjoying sex with whom and when I feel like it. It all depends on the season and the streak, but usually I always have sex at company dinners. It doesn’t have to be with a partner. from work, but if I’ve had three drinks and I know someone interesting, I don’t see where the problem is, “says Marina , a 28-year-old salesperson. “If I’m honest, I’d rather not be with someone I know because people at work are usually very nosy and then they say if you’ve slept with one or the other. Best of all, some of them throw things at you having a wife and children and their faces do not fall ashamed, but as on tonight anything goes because they forget. Who has the problem then? I who am single or they who have responsibilities? Unfortunately, this society will say that ‘the slut’ it’s me, “he ends.

Anything goes?

” I am married and have two children . My partner next door has been with her husband for more than thirty years, but between her and I there is a sexual tension that we always resolve at the company dinner. Nobody suspects anything, in fact many believe that we we get along badly. The rest of the year we maintain a cordial relationship , but when the day comes we both know that we will end up wallowing somewhere. And the next day, as if nothing, “says Juanjo , a 42-year-old civil servant. Only 10% of men said they would never cheat on their partner with someone from work at a Christmas party compared to 20% of them “This type of food is loaded by the devil. I don’t usually drink a lot because I get drunk right away , but in the last one I spent a bit because I had hardly had dinner at all. I was approached by a colleague who works in another department with whom I have always had a tension sexual unresolved and at about 3 just morning trying to fuck in the bathroom . it was impossible because we tried to open the door. we decided to take a taxi and go home. in the end it turned out he had a girlfriend and the thing It didn’t end very well, but I don’t regret it, that is what I take away, “says Ana , a 31-year-old publicist. For some people who have been in relationships for a long time, these company-hosted parties before the end of the year are the perfect excuse to have some fun without their partner and come back to understand that they are almost single . In fact, most of them have not slept with another worker or even kissed, but almost all of them feel that need to flirt and feel attractive in front of people other than their better half. Have you ever slept, dear influential reader, with someone from work? Tell us about your experience.

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