How To Increase Your Weight? – Body

Why do not you come over to  lift heavier  ? It’s time to change the program. Discover how to proceed.



If your  progression mass  stagnates and you arrive to move for some time, do not hesitate: change your workout! The  work force  can help you overcome a landing and boost growth. You will acquire new force, which will increase your weight when you resume work in mass / volume.


This  method of work strength  is not for beginners. It is more for intermediate practitioners, who already have a good foundation in strength training and are fully aware of the exercises. Follow a strength program  will help you increase your maximum strength (RM) and  lift heavier  during future sessions of weight training!



Roman Maier, fitness coach Domyos, gives you 5 tips to  gain strength  :


  • Working in over 80% of  repetition maximum * (RM) on the basic movements.


  • The proper method to use: do  5 sets of 5 reps  for a movement.


  • Recovery time should be longer between sets: 3-5 minutes.


  • On one muscle group, never exceed maximum 30-60 repetitions per session (2 movements in 5 x 5)


  • Needless to exercise on machine nor perform isolation movements. The force is developing a comprehensive work. In this context, use the basic movements: the developed, traction, squat, deadlift. 4 These types of exercises are enough to solicit all muscle groups.




* Maximum repetition or RM corresponds to the heaviest load you can perform a given movement and a single repetition. In other words, you are not able to reproduce a second time that same effort. This data is used as reference. To get it, a test must be performed indoors, with a spotter. A weight training at least 6 months will be required in advance. Indeed, you must be able to master the technical movements of basic strength training.

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