During the winter the skin becomes crazy and is much drier and cracked due to temperature changes. And it is that when it is cold in the street, the blood moves to the hands, feet and nose, that is, that the veins are closed slightly to protect the body from losing the temperature of the blood, since less blood means less nutrients and less oxygen.

When our transepidermal water barrier, that is, the last layer of the skin, is not strong, the body water evaporates, especially on dry and windy days, which brings disaster: a cracked and dry skin . And since we can not stay at home until winter, we must follow some guidelines for healthy skin.

Use more moisturizer

During the winter we can substitute our usual cream for a cream that is rich in liquids and that contributes to our skin water and all the ingredients that are needed to nourish it. For example, if our skin is dry you can use a cream enriched with vitamin E and chia seeds. To achieve a greater effect we can apply the moisturizing cream when we have the skin still slightly moist to better seal the hydration and water.

Take advantage of the night

After a very cold day we can notice the skin drier than normal so we will have to take advantage of the night to restore it by applying an extra dose of night cream. We can try a cream of green coffee oil and almonds that help with hydration. In the same way as in the previous case, its application is recommended with a slightly damp face so that it seals better the water.


If what we are doing is losing water, we will have to make our skin drink more, putting on a hydrating mask once a week at least. The facial oils, which have been so fashionable lately, will also help us in case of extreme dryness.

Change the cleaning routine

The gel skin cleansers that are so powerful, we will reserve them for the summer, since they are more aggressive and make us lose more fluids. In winter we will better choose to use cleansing milk and tonic.

Protect the lips

In winter it is also very common to have dehydrated lips which contributes to cracks, so we should not leave the house without a lip balm and we will have to avoid passing our tongue over it. To take care of them we can do a gentle exfoliation using a toothbrush and then apply the lip balm.

Do not forget the body

The body, although hidden during this time in several layers of clothing, also suffers the dreaded changes of temperature, so the legs can also dehydrate and be dry, so we can not forget to apply a body cream.

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