GoldStar TripleX V2: Pre-Workout BOOSTER Increased muscle mass growth

Triple X gives insane concentration and sharpness to get the most out of your workout. You will wind up going for those couple of additional reps regardless of the possibility that you know you won’t get them. Triple X will make them need all the more amid preparing.

Contains Innovative Stimulant DMHA

2-Antihistamine (DMHA) is the new substitution after the FDA’s expulsion of DMAA from the commercial center. It is an EXTREME stimulant, and has impacts fundamentally the same as 1,3 Methamphetamine. Triple X is at present the ONLY pre workout with this insane vitality upgrading fixing, and it may not be out for long if the FDA gets twist of it, so attempt it today!

What’s New In V2?

Triple X V2 is the most current and tremendously enhanced type of this excellent pre-workout that has taken a spot in Stack3d’s Top 10 Pre-Workouts. This new form contains the same stim (DMHA) however has high dosed fixings, for example, Citrulline, Agmatine, and Beta-Alanine in a higher dosed 7.3g mix. So V2 has built up on fixings that truly have any kind of effect in your workout, and will make them go longer, lifting heavier, and showing signs of improvement pump than any time in recent memory.

Skin Splitting Pumps!

Laser Sharp Focus!

Xtreme Thermogenic!

Note: Manufacturers persistently change item determinations. While we attempt our best to stay up with the latest, they don’t really mirror the most recent data accessible from the maker. We are not in charge of inaccurate or obsolete item depictions and additionally pictures.

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Experience report on the DMHA Booster Triple X (new version) by Goldstar

DMHA, the latest trend in the field of designer stimulants, has been on the market for some time now, and almost all manufacturers of hardcore boosters have now completed their formulas. One of the first companies to have a DMHA Pre Workout long before all others was Goldstar Performance from the USA. The American Supplement brand currently has a revised version of their Triple X Boosters at the start, which of course we have also tested for you. How she liked us and if you can expect more or less from the old formula, we will tell you in the review!



Also here we hold almost always a small can in the basic color black in our hands. While in the old version of the Goldstar Triple X you had to speak more of a more classic design, a lot has already been done in this respect, because the look looks much more modern and more colorful. The high-quality print of the product name on the front, which is easily noticed by touching with the fingertips.Good work!

One serving of the Goldstar Triple X is exactly 10g. If you use one scoop per training unit, the can holds exactly 30 training days. Also in the new version we have again a proprietary blend, behind which some dosages were veiled. At least a little improved the whole thing, however, to the predecessor, because after all, three substances were declared transparent here.

But we have to criticize something here again: if all the quantities of the substances are added, then exactly 9820 mg of active ingredients are obtained. So there remained exactly 180mg per serving for the taste and the color, which is not exactly realistic. It must be said, however, that this is at least theoretically possible, in contrast to the inconsistencies on the label of the previous version.

But what exactly is included in the new version of the Goldstar Triple X?

L-taurine (1500mg) , there is strictly speaking not because taurine is not an amino acid, but an organic acid. In addition to antioxidant and other beneficial properties, it is able to draw water into the muscle through osmosis and thus increase cell volume. This in turn can amplify the muscle pump. In addition, it helps to improve the absorption capacity of the substances contained.  1500mg are not a bad dosage, we would recommend 2g or more!

L-tyrosine (600mg)  is converted in the body to dopamine and norepinephrine, which alertness increased, improves mood and the focus can be increased. With a dosage of 2-3g we would be satisfied, 600mg are clearly too little. We would also resort to the acetylated form N-acetyl-L-tyrosine. 

Di-Caffeine Malate (Infinergy, 404mg) gives us at this dose, the bottom line exactly 300mg of caffeine. Di-caffeine malate consists of conventional caffeine and malic acid, both substances being present in a 2: 1 ratio. This mixture is supposed to give a higher potency, which can not be proved scientifically. 300mg of caffeine are the bottom line but a very good amount!

L-citrulline  has raised many positive effects on the training and health, inter alia, energy production is increased, the endurance and improves regeneration. Primarily, however, citrulline malate is used in pre-workout products for the pumping effect caused by the widening of the blood vessels. Usually you need a dose of 6g or more for such an effect and Goldstar Tripple X will not be included here. 

Agmatine sulfate  can be described as a degradation product of arginine, which arises from the Decarboxylierungsprozess. It has many positive properties on the body, being used in boosters mainly for an improved pump, which is caused by the activation of various enzymes. A good amount would be 1g, which could be included here. 

Beta-alanine  is a substance that is converted in the body itself to carnosine. Carnosine, on the other hand, buffers the acid produced by physical activity, which in turn increases the stamina and can delay the over-acidification of the muscle. The usual dose to achieve this effect is about 4g per day.Basically, it must be said that beta alanine does not have an acute effect and therefore should have nothing to look for in the booster anyway. In this case, too much is not enough.

Creatine Monohydrate  will be the majority of the readers here a term, since it ultimately is one of the most popular and most researched supplements. With 5g daily you can achieve that the body stores water in the muscles and you also have a little more power in the gym. As I said, you would need 5g, which are definitely not contained here. In addition, creatine does not have an acute effect and just like beta alanine does not belong in a booster!

2-amino-6-Methylheptane HCL is the substance, which probably affects most potent here. DMHA is very similar to DMAA or DMBA, because consumption increases the intake of dopamine and norepinephrine, which gives a very good focus. In contrast to DMAA, however, DMHA is somewhat smoother in the effect and should not create a crash. A good dosage would be between 150-250mg, which corresponds to a DMAA dosage of 35-50mg. It can be assumed that a dosage of this magnitude is present. 

Synephrine HCL not only sounds so similar to, but is chemically strongly related to the banned ephedrine. The metabolism is strongly stimulated by the cosum and the fat burning is thereby improved. An appetizing effect can also be intercepted. Usually, about 50-75 mg is used to achieve an effect. We assume that this dosage will also be approximately the same. 


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