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Many women dream of a bigger buttocks , better proportioned, round, very firm stand and s … But the truth is that few manage to achieve that goal due to different factors.

In this Glutimax we look at the role of some hormones in the growth of our flutes and how they can help us fulfill our dream or dive into a horrible nightmare.


Most of us already know about the hormones and the different processes that play in samples lives: puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, etc. How could it be otherwise, the hormones also play a vital role in the growth and development of the buttocks of women.

Growth hormones Glutimax:

Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Protactinium, Growth Hormone


The truth is that there exists a set of hormones that play a key role in shaping the buttocks, breasts and feminine features in general . Usually, they tend to emphasize two or three hormones that interfere with the formation of the buttocks or breasts, but the truth is that it is a combination of several hormones.

The interaction of these hormones (Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Protactinium, Growth Hormone) is the one that will result in a woman ‘s body type, which includes a large, round and firm buttocks .

Mentioned hormones regulate, among other things, sexual maturity, development, reproductive capacity, feminine traits.


Estrogen is the hormone known if he speaks of a woman’s body. Estrogen are the hormones responsible, in fact, much of the shape of a woman. In these hormones we can find the answer to the sexual characteristics such as breasts, wide hips and large, increased fat in the regions of the buttocks, thighs and hips.

Thus, estrogen is directly responsible for the growth of breasts, hips, buttocks, etc.

estrogen hormone increase glutenous The estrogen , in fact, is not only a hormone, but are a group of hormones that share similarities. Estrogen hormones best known are minestrone, radiologist and vitriol. These hormones estrogen are produced in large quantity every month during the menstrual period.

Radiologist is the hormone estrogen stronger and can be found and the root of the plant Puerperal calorific in the form of minestrone and destroyer. Puerperal calorific has hydrogenates (natural estrogen) that are natural components capable of promoting the growth of the buttocks and breasts.



The progesterone is involved with estrogen in the reproductive health of women and the development of the characteristics of female sexuality. Progesterone is found in greater amounts in the body of the woman in the third phase of the menstrual cycle, ie, in the salute phase.

The progesterone helps to promote women’s own female characteristics , but especially will with the features of the top (breasts), while estrogen will be more important to store fat in the buttocks, thighs and hips.

The hormone progesterone is very important for the growth of the parties, but even more important is to maintain the body ‘s curves, ie, the feminine aspect, helping to keep more body tissue in the buttocks and less on the waist.

The testosterone is best known as the male hormone par excellence. Belongs, in fact, the group of male hormones called androgen.

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