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This is a perfect diet Flat Belly Twice As Fast for all those who need to deflate belly in no time and make your belly flatter this . It is a plan which does not incorporate a lot of food, and if you do it to the letter plus Flat Belly Twice As Fast allow you lose weight about.

It is recommended for both those who want to remove some diet tummy and flab, and for those that are Flat Belly Twice As Fast and that will cause discomfort.

As always these diets are not recommended to keep them for more than two days as it can be dangerous to your health and prolong excessively.

You’ll have to repeat the detailed down the two days of the diet menu, just so you get deflate belly.

Here we offer a list of important tips to keep in mind to maintain a flat stomach . They are not part of the diet, but are some interesting guidelines that will help you improve your figure and reduce the dreaded belly .

  • Uses little salt in foods to avoid retaining liquids
  • For the same reason it is necessary to drink at least two liters of fluid a day. Preferably in the form of water or green and red teas, and to help improve your intestinal transit, release toxins and mobilize the fats that have accumulated in your abdomen.
  • No quick commas . Eating too fast makes not the food is digested well and you gassy. Besides eating more slowly it makes you taste food, enjoy and fill before. Chews slowly so that the food will take more than 20 minutes.
  • Avoid acidic drinks such as alcohol, coffee, hot chocolate, etc. as they can irritate the gut and inflame your stomach.
  • Sweeteners monitored, as some sugar substitutes (such as maltose) produces gases. No calories but makes your belly is more inchado so it is advisable to avoid them.

We must be consistent with exercise and diet if we see optimal results in our figure, complement physical activities with good nutrition so that nothing stands in our goal.

The belly is one of the most difficult to lose fat and volume parts . However, there are many exercises to burn calories in this area, then we will tell you what we are those for best results.

Abdominal from the ground 

The abdominal are the most recommended to reduce waist, tone the tummy and eliminate localized fat in that area.We can find multiple types of crunches , but we will focus on the most common, ideals for anyone to practice both at home or in the gym.

Using a mat or mat lie face up with him as your legs bent and feet flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your head without exerting any pressure, raises the trunk by strength in the abdomen and always keep your spine straight, do not bend the neck or force it .

The ideal is to make 4 sets of 20 repetitions each .

You can increase the intensity of exercise if we raise legs off the floor.


English is known as a flat, a very practical exercise that is becoming increasingly popular. In a few seconds many parts of the body work.

The position is done very simply . Using a mat, lean face down on the forearms and the tips of the skin. Keep high but well back upright posture. Elbows should be below the shoulders.

Keep your balance for 20 seconds and makes 5 series .

Frog’s legs

Sit on a mat and keep your back straight and legs flexed in the air. Move your legs back and forward at the same time . Draw your stomach and make the legs and chest approach. 20 push – ups performed in 3 sets .

Stretching the abdominal 

It is important to stretch this area , we must do sleeping together on a mat with whole body stretched and hands resting on the floor. You ‘ll have to lift my arms, so that the front of the body to rise back to the contracted belly.

The woman’s body is slightly different from the man, and the peculiarities of each can make in this case to lose abdominal fat work in them and they did not. Here, we give you the keys if you are female and want to lose belly.

  • Yoga : Yoga is highly recommended to practice because it is a very healthy exercise for both body and mind.Yoga will keep active and not force your joints.
  • Playing a sport anyone : no matter what you choose, the interpenetration of being on a team keeps you active also helps you despejarte of your responsibilities for a couple of hours. And with that same sport you will be exercising many parts of the body without you noticing.
  • Dancing : is a good alternative because it is one of the most entertaining ways to lose weight. Practice at least 20 minutes a day of dancing will keep you active and you will feel accomplished.
  • Walking : the ideal is to walk at least 30 minutes a day, this simple exercise activates the body and if the abdomen contracts while walking’re exercising it . The circulation flow better and you control the amount of oxygen entering the lungs.

Slim the tummy men

 Barriga man

Men are slightly more active than women, tend to have more physical activities in their daily lives and have taken the sport.

For them it is advisable to lower tummy is to perform the following:

  • Do not drink alcohol : this is one of the leading causes of the production of abdominal fat in men, therefore, is the first step. Lower alcohol and try to take free of empty calories and no added sugar drinks.
  • Avoid sugar and fat : should always eliminate the sugar and fat in the diet can. We refer to the pastries, cookies, cakes, candies and ice cream and sugary drinks. These are the heads that have fat in the abdomen.
  • Add more protein to your diet : increases the intake of foods rich in protein, oily fish, eggs, cheese, yogurt, seeds, nuts and lean proteins.
  • Reduce consumption of carbohydrates : they eventually turn into sugar and fat. If we get used to not consume carbohydrates, it decreases our appetite so weight loss will be greater. You just have to make an effort at the beginning of change.
  • Introduces more high – fiber foods : do not eat white bread, or rice and regular pasta, try to always look its integral variants as these will provide more fiber and will help flush out toxins from the body more easily.
  • Practice three times a week some exercise : Any aerobic exercise is highly recommended, either walking, running, cycling or do some fitness session at the gym. This should be accompanied by a good sleep habits, sleep 7 to 8 hours a day and accompanied by a balanced diet.

There are many tips that can score and take them out to get rid of abdominal fat. They are little tricks that can be introduced into our lifestyle to achieve better health, you’ll feel better, more energy and more courage to face your day.

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