Does home insurance cover the services of an urgent locksmith company?

Some insurance covers urgent locksmith services , but not all do it or have the same conditions. First of all, we must bear in mind that it is not the same to call a locksmith due to the loss or theft of keys and to replace the lock that is left behind when you leave the house . Similarly, replacing a simple lock is not the same as having to change an entire door.

In any case, the most important thing is to call the helpline of our home insurance -or contact the insurance intermediary- to check the conditions of our insurance depending on the problem or accident that we have had. If the insurance covers the contingency they will send them to the locksmith.

It is important not to call the urgent locksmith company directly before consulting with the insurance. If you call a locksmith on your own you can find very unpleasant surprises. First of all, you will have to make a large outlay, since these companies can charge hundreds of euros for opening the emergency door (most of the time it is cheaper to spend the night in a hotel and wait to be served in normal schedule). In this sense we must bear in mind that many policies only cover up to a maximum of the locksmith’s bill, and it is important that you take it into account.

On the other hand, if the problem has been that your keys have been stolen , it is important to review the policy’s theft guarantee, since it usually covers the replacement of keys and locks, including the opening of the door in case of theft, and in some cases also in case of theft, loss or loss. It is important to review this point well to see what aspects the insurance covers and in what cases, as well as the limits.

In the event that you can not open the door for any problem in the lock or on the door itself (vandalism, accident, etc.) and you can not enter, it is also important that you review the conditions, because, depending on the coverages, Maybe the company will only take care of the locksmith’s movement and labor, but do not cover the materials

In any case, it is important to call the insurance assistance telephone first and carry out all the procedures recommended by them, especially if you have to file a report for theft, assault and / or vandalism.

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