Defi Collagen Serum – Vitamins For The Skin!

Defi Collagen Serum:- With the change of season, do you notice your skin much duller and spoiled? Calm down, it’s the most normal thing in the world. The continuous changes of temperature to which we submit our skin in this time – cold in the street, heating butt inside -, take their toll. Dryness, flakes, redness or even diets lacking essential vitamins for the skin can appear on your skin causing unsightly problems. Do not let it happen!

In Defi Collagen Serum addition, our current lifestyle also influences . Poor nutrition will be reflected in our skin, as well as living in a heavily polluted place, like a big city. That is why, apart from following a correct plan of daily care of your face that includes routines of hydration and exfoliation, we must improve our daily routines to improve the appearance of our skin. Here are some tips that experts give us “your skin and your”  to do so.


A good idea is to make a shock detox plan, which will not only help improve the appearance of your skin, it will also make you feel less bloated and heavy . Do not drink alcohol, put away tobacco if you smoke, drink plenty of water and follow a diet rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods – such as red fruits, tomatoes, spinach, salmon or nuts – will be essential for your Skin look radiant.


So Defi Collagen Serum you know, there are no excuses not to show off a perfect face!


The Defi Collagen Serum presence of open pores in our skin is a condition often associated with increased fat production. The pore is the hole through which the hair follicle emerges (on the face there is also hair, although it is practically invisible under normal conditions) and through which the sebaceous glands expel its contents to the surface. So skin with a tendency to produce more fat and  produce acne has enlarged pores more frequently than dry skin.


The dilated pore is an innate condition of each skin type and is not produced by inadequate care or lack of cleanliness. Another different thing is the presence of black spots , that is, when those dilated or open pores are filled with keratin and this, to oxidize over time and contact with the environment around us, it becomes dark.

Before disguising them, we must prevent them and, if present, try to eliminate them. For this, daily, weekly and monthly cleaning is very important. Daily removal of the surface of our skin all cosmetics, makeup included, along with the dirt particles that have been deposited throughout the day is very important, we will avoid that all this can clog the pore and favors the accumulation of keratin. A second important step that we must take 1-2 times a week is the physical exfoliation, with exfoliating soaps or with specific brushes for facial cleansing.

If you already have  Defi Collagen Serum and want to eliminate them , plus exfoliation, daily use of night creams rich in alpha hydro acids or cyclical acid help you  keep peeling surface to remove them , trying to reduce fat production and close the pore , Favoring its disappearance and improving the texture of the skin. Skin cleansing is not the only or the most adequate solution, it will temporarily eliminate it, sometimes causing inflammatory lesions after the manipulation, and they will reappear if we do not have a daily routine of care. It is more convenient to resort once a month to a peeling of glycerol acid or cyclical acid to help eliminate and avoid them.

If blackheads are rebellious and we find it hard to finish them, the Defi Collagen Serum best way to hide them is not to apply a thick layer of makeup and wait until no one notices that instead of washing our face, we have inserted it in a barrel Of paint. Trying to apply minimal makeup , to prevent further mark and highlight another area of the face such as the eyes or the cheekbones, allow us to conceal diverting attention to other areas that do not overwhelm us so much.

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