Daily habits that can cause acne


Read carefully and say goodbye to pimples.

Although in our imagination acne is synonymous with puberty and adolescence, the truth is that it is more present than we ever think in adulthood. This annoying dermatological alteration may be due to hormonal changes or imbalances (either due to contraception, menstruation or pregnancy), and although it is not a serious health problem, it can leave physical and even emotional scars. Therefore, here we are going to explain which of your habits, which you usually do on a daily basis, are terrible for acne:

Using makeup that contains ingredients that clog pores

Let her raise her hand as soon as she sees a granite appear, she doesn’t try to cover it and camouflage it with whatever product she has on hand … none, right? We are all guilty. This generates a rebound effect because these compounds contain fat, oils, silicone derivatives and chemicals that dirty the pore, do not reduce inflammation and increase skin irritation … that is, you make everything you thought you were trying to correct worse.

Instead choose to cleanse your skin in depth, use oil-free moisturizing fluids, and rich in active ingredients such as glycolic acid, vitamin A and zinc, which regulate excess oil, treat imperfections and soothe and reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin. the skin. Discover here all the “yes” and “no” of putting on makeup if you have acne skin.

Do not consult a dermatologist

Girls, of course we are not going to deny the importance of consulting with your friends, your mother, your favorite beauty blogger or your trusted medium ( hello! ), But the first thing you have to do is visit a dermatologist to arrange the anti-acne protocol to follow according to the strength of the outbreak, its periodicity, your skin type and even your health.

Your hair products are wreaking havoc on your skin

Unfortunately, even if you have a great hair, your skin may be paying the price as the sulfates and silicones found in your products can clog your skin pores. Apart from the fact that while you bathe you have to be careful that the rinse water does not fall on your face, you can also switch to hair dermocosmetics. Its assets are respectful with the skin of the scalp and that of the face. In addition, they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and do not use parabens, silicones, sulfates, chemical derivatives, or perfumes that have not been hypoallergenic tested.

Exfoliation yes, but not as you think

Exfoliation is surely a key part of your skincare routine. But the truth is that if you do it more than twice a week, you eliminate more dead cells than necessary, increasing irritation. That is why it is better that you cleanse your skin daily, in the morning and at night, with a special cleansing gel for your skin type, and only twice a week use scrubs or exfoliants. This will cause a controlled dermabrasion, which oxygenates and prepares the dermis for the products you apply below.

Your boyfriend has a beard

Have you noticed that after a passionate kissing session with your boy, do you get pimples or breakouts? Rubbing with the beard, especially the harshest ones, can cause irritations that lead to sporadic acne breakouts. In these cases, the acne is not hormonal or due to excess sebum, but due to irritation caused by intense rubbing of beard hair. In this case, you will have to apply products with soothing active ingredients, such as bisabolol, thermal water and vitamin E, which eliminate irritation. And if beard removal or partner change isn’t an option, the easiest thing is for your partner to start using cosmetics to condition and soften his beard hair.


The cigarette drastically reduces the microcirculation of the skin, which reduces, among other things, its proper functioning and increases the risk of infections such as acne. If you are a smoker, surely your skin does not have good oxygenation so it will present more inflammation, more open pores, worse tone and dehydration or malnutrition. If your health isn’t reason enough to quit, your skin maybe.

You are unable to see a granite and not touch it

We do not judge you, we understand you, because the same thing happens to all of us, that is why we are here to tell you that touching the pimples will only make things worse, since with your hands you spread the bacteria that cause it, infect the pore and increase the inflammation of the skin. If you are one of those who cannot leave them still, one option is to go to your dermatologist for a cleaning, removing excess fat in the best way. You can repeat this protocol every week or every 15 days, as advised by your doctor.

You don’t release stress like you should

This is a real acne trigger! According to the most recent studies, it has been confirmed that in times of increased anxiety, stress hormones cause the sebaceous glands to manufacture more sebum than normal, favoring the appearance of acne breakouts and severe skin blemishes. So if you feel identified, start practicing yoga, sign up for a swimming class, or do the necessary sport to release all that is already reflected in your skin.

You constantly touch your face

Although it may seem incredible to you (literally, not to believe), your hands carry bacteria from one side to the other and may be responsible for what could have been a slight breakout of acne in a localized area, ends up spreading all over your face . If you can’t control this habit, you have to make an effort to maintain proper hygiene to keep bacteria and the amount of fat at bay.

You don’t wash your face after playing sports, not even before!

When doing sports, the oxygenation of our skin increases and, if it is dirty due to the remains of pollution, makeup or creams, this oxygenation cannot be carried out correctly since the pores will be clogged. Therefore, you have to wash your face before starting to exercise (yes, well protected from the sun if you are outdoors) and clean it with your usual cleanser when finished.

You take too much sun

Sure, we love tanning as much as anyone, and we love how our skin looks more even after sunbathing … but in the short term! The truth is that the drying effects of the sun cause a rebound effect, accelerating the production of sebum. This, combined with a thickening of the outer layer of the skin, will clog your pores and prevent their release. Keep in mind that the sun modifies the behavior of the skin, making it more prone to acne breakouts. Therefore, do not forget to use an oil-free sunscreen with a high protection index, such as SPF 50.

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