Most likely, you have read many times the benefits of using rosehip oil on the skin. If you want to know why and how you should use it, we explain below how to do it.

Stretch marks

Rosehip oil has the enormous ability to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, making it ideal for combating stretch marks. If you find yourself pregnant and do not want stretch marks, this oil is your perfect ally.

Discolorations on the skin

If your case is that you have discolorations on your skin and you want them to disappear, this oil will help you to better pigmentation as well as the tone of your skin, also helping to prevent the damage caused by the sun thanks to its high content in Vitamin C. On the other hand it helps to reduce the redness produced by irritated skin.

Dry Skin

If the skin tends to dryness, this oil will improve the level of hydration of the skin due to its high content of vitamin A. You will also generate a waterproof barrier.


You may not know, but a simple spoon a day of rosehip oil consumed for six weeks, will help you feel more energized thanks to the large amount of vitamins it contains as well as fatty acids and antioxidants.

Healthier hair

The rosehip is also an excellent remedy to boast of a beautiful hair due to its combination of vitamin A and vitamin E. The same spoon that will help you feel more energetic, will also come very well to improve the appearance of your hair as well as your nails. Oil can be applied on a daily basis in the hair to reduce frizz and dryness. If you also massage your scalp with it, you will help prevent the appearance of dandruff.

Healthier face

In the same way that rosehip collagen helps in the prevention of stretch marks, this oil is ideal to combat the signs of aging in your skin, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. In addition you will improve the elasticity of the skin since it also stimulates the production of elastin. Therefore, if you have pimples, the use of this oil will help reduce excess oil on the skin.

When using it, if you are going to do it orally, you should never take more than the dose recommended by the doctor. If instead you are going to use it externally, there are numerous cosmetic lines that will provide different creams with rosehip oil with great antioxidant power, which will help improve the elasticity and tone of your skin.

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