Basic Guide to Exercises to Increase Muscle Mass

When you dedicate yourself to bodybuilding or simply to the development of your body in a gym, one of the first things you consider is to do exercises to increase muscle mass . These are usually accompanied by exercises to also increase muscle strength and is an activity that you should supplement with a good diet.

What are the best exercises to increase muscle mass?

Anaerobic exercises are the most indicated to increase muscle mass and you can separate them into two classes: those that require weights to carry them out and those that seek resistance in the body itself . There are exercises to develop each muscle of your body, although each of them has a different rhythm of development. We will now see some of these exercises discriminated by the part of the body that we wish to develop.

  • For the legs you can do squats with bar, movements using presses or elevations of the extremities with additional weight. We continue with the upper extremities: the exercises to increase the muscles of the arms are done with bars and weights; It is recommended to do them by varying the positions so that all the muscles work.
  • For pectorals there is a great variety of exercises, such as those performed with pulleys, and those performed in flat and inclined benches, using bars with weights. For the muscles of the back they also exercise with bars and pulleys.
  • In the case of the abdomen , the answer is obvious, you have to do sit-ups, and of these there is a wide variety of exercises to increase muscle mass, from those performed on the floor, with hands on the neck and someone holding your feet , even those that work on inclined banks or with rollers.

How to maximize the effect of your exercises to increase muscle mass

For these exercises to be effective you must combine them in a routine that allows you to develop all the muscles in a harmonious way. Of course, respecting the resting times so that the muscles can recover and increase their volume. One way to do this is by dividing the muscle groups to work them separately, for example: exercising the push muscles (chest, deltoid, triceps) in one session and those of pulling or pulling -swing and biceps-, in addition to the legs, in other. In this way you make sure you exercise all the muscles without repeating or forcing any.

Another way would be to train chest, back and deltoids in one session, and in the next, arms and legs. When you exercise chest and back you also do it indirectly in the deltoids, so it makes sense to work them together.

Exercises to increase muscle mass

You can perform this routine four days a week, dedicating two to each group of muscles and respecting rest times. To obtain palpable results with these exercises to increase muscle mass you must be disciplined and constant, and follow an exercise table prepared by a coach. And of course, you also have to be very careful with your nutrition, and consume the specific calories and nutrients for your body type and your metabolism.

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