AM Cream – Erase Wrinkles Effortlessly With This Skin Cream

AM Cream:- Develop skin has particular needs. Hormonal changes created by menopause cause the skin to encounter a diminishing of its layers, along these lines disabling its hindrance capacity, and decreasing their resistance. His capacity to remain hydrated abatement, so it tends to look dry and dull, other than losing flexibility, tone and immovability.

Seriously saturates, enhances immovability and versatility, which while reinforcing the skin. AM Cream extricate responsive and crucial defensive elements of the skin shielding it from the hurtful impacts of free radicals. Furthermore, day by day utilize lessens the presence of profound wrinkles.

Benefits AM Cream

Reinforces, hydrates, AM Cream and secures the skin, leaving the face noticeably firmer, with less wrinkles and the more characterized diagram.

Resistance and adequacy tried clinically. No additives, colors, engineered scents or substances of petrochemical starting point. Appropriate for veggie lovers.

Arriving this time I always see something grown worse, I lost even the faintest trace of summer tan and the skin of my face begins to feel the ravages of fatigue and temperature differences between the cold street and high hearings The AM Cream interiors. They come the holidays and, as every year, I feel I must get ready to face the social activity involved.

The facial mesotherapy (commonly it is known as injectable vitamins) is one of the most demanding aesthetic solutions during this time because it rehydrates and revitalises the skin in a profound way . Although the result can be seen almost immediately, being a treatment way transcutaneous application, it should plan it at least ten days prior to an exit where you want to be perfect; why should weigh, this is the best time . There are a variety of formulas that offer us vitamins, minerals, amino acids or extraordinary revitalizing cocktails; But … do they really work?

The real secret of AM Cream


Despite the popular belief that the ingredients are the ones that get the great result, there are experts who believe that the greater effectiveness of what we call vitamins is due to hyaluronic acid containing in its formula and the effect resulting “click” skin ; To the point that when applying mesotherapy, some doctors (such as mine) only include in this indication this ingredient, since they maintain the non existence of any really serious scientific study that confirms that a combination of vitamins injected on the Skin has a determining effect on it.

My dermatologist believes that the real secret of facial mesotherapy is the ability to capture water getting hyaluronic acid (attracts and retains) along with the stimulation that punctures have on the skin. Both factors produce a slight increase in volume, very subtle, which provides a juicy texture and healthy appearance .

Hyaluronic acid


It is a fundamental component which is present in the skin tissue and acts as a molecular sponge to capture up to one thousand times its weight in water. It gives the skin the hydration it needs, but their presence decreases with age , is when the skin becomes more fragile, thins and starts to fracture (small wrinkles and loss of texture). When it applied hyaluronic acid injection (presented in gel or highly fluid) is reinforced and rehydrates the dermis from inside .

You must distinguish hyaluronic acid crosslinked non – crosslinked. In the first the molecules are interlaced, forming a kind of mesh (used to fill and shape the facial contours), and by its structure and high molecular density its permanence is more durable. The non – crosslinked is the most widely used when making mesotherapy , in it the molecules are free and spread evenly in the skin tissues, is presented in the form of gel (very light) or aqueous .

To prick the AM Cream skin


Did you know that the fact puncturing surface the skin produces a stimulation that favors its improvement? How? After intradermal infiltration, the tissue is repaired inducing collagen production . One occurs angiogenesis in healing (formation of blood vessels from existing vessels), but not panic, because this is a very superficial level , since in this case is capillaries. We could say that the small trauma that causes the needle , stimulates the production of collagen , because the microscopic scars make this occur again.

Facial mesotherapy

The technique

It is implemented by multiple uniform and superficial infiltrations (technical multipuncture), my dermatologist is carried out by microinjection (syringe), but when the product is very fluid can be done by a “AM Cream” intended for this use (which accelerates process). The areas covered are the most periocular and mandibular , but also the face , great results are also obtained in the neck, chest and hands .

I resorted to this technique a year ago, and despite not being the most pleasant treatment, it is not what it can seem to read. The feeling depends on the degree of sensitivity of each person , for me is the equivalent of pecks (any stronger, depending on the area), but at no time felt pain; I could define it as a nuisance . The punctures are superficial , below the epidermis, under the first layer of skin , because the more external are more lasting. When injected at a deeper level, non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid is lost in the hypodermis, and therefore we do not experience any change. There are many preparations with lidocaine (a mild local anesthetic) in its formula. Each session lasts between 25 and 35 minutes .

AM Cream


Although from the first time you will notice the result, my dermatologist recommended a session every 30 days for 3 or 4 months. Afterwards it advises periodic maintenance sessions, the indication depends on the skin, according to its state, age or time of year. Please note: it is a resorbable material disappearing slowly with the passage of time .

Side effects: there is a slight possibility that some small hematoma (size of a lentil), which can last ten days, so you should apply it with anticipation when they are ready to output appears. There are creams to apply a few days before and after, which decrease these (usually are composed of vitamin K). They will also warn you about the possibility of a very slight inflammation on the day of the technique, but it did not happen to me

Result AM Cream

The facial AM Cream is indicated in cases of dull, dehydrated, removing surface wrinkles and prevention. In people young (around 40 years) has an effect preventive and provides a radiant skin and fur mature brings smoothness and repairs (a slightly tightening effect) What you’ll notice? Deep hydration, revitalization , lightness, freshness, brightness, better texture , thicker, removing small wrinkles (not to be confused with deep wrinkles or grooves). Price: each session, in my usual clinic, costs € 210, but the amount will depend on each specialist.

It is important to consult a doctor with training related to injection practices fillers AM Cream, of absolute confidence and that you have good references . Remember that before starting any treatment, you must check all your doubts and put the current previous treatments, medical history, allergies, medication or any circumstance, and always inquire thoroughly before making a decision.


The facial mesotherapy is a greatly when wear a skin rotunda and hydrated from the inside at times when your needed one additional result due to causes such as fatigue, dull skin, loss of texture or dehydration. The social activity of the upcoming holidays is a good excuse to try them . I’m going to repeat, what about you?


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