Alternative horoscope: week from February 3 to 9

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Since time immemorial, Humanity has consulted predictions based on astrology , numerology , power animals, tarot, … even great decisions were made after consulting the Horoscope . The human being today is more master than ever of his decisions, he has innumerable sources of knowledge and information, and ancestral wisdom can be an added element of inspiration to guide our steps every day.

We are in the week of the buffalo . Its strength and its anchorage to the ground shows us how we must approach our objectives and defeat our enemy (obstacles, resistance, limiting beliefs …). Considered as a protector of health, strength and longevity, the buffalo represents abundance and prosperity . To make its qualities your own, you can carry with you all week an image of this power animal .

Number 6

The issue of the week invites us to put our hearts before any other interest. Unite the material and the spiritual in projects, in family relationships … may the emotional, our most loving side , triumph .

Auspicious days

Overall it will be a good week, especially Monday 3 and Sunday 9.

LOVE: – With a partner: this week decree an expansion within the couple at all levels, declare all your good intentions, good times to start projects together. – Without a partner: the first days of the week are ideal to recover your energy, and thus be able to connect with the “love of your life”. Simply because in the middle of the week a surprise may arrive in the place you least suspect.

MONEY: It is a good week to interact with customers and suppliers , the commercial task will be easier. Take advantage of this week to make a good offer. The buffalo represents abundance and prosperity. To make its qualities your own, you must carry with you all week an image of this animal JOB:

– Active: it is time not to lower your arms, persevere in that project to which you have dedicated so much effort, but do not anticipate results . It is an inspired week to grow professionally and get a little closer to your aspirations. – No activity: the week is propitious to restart the march and continue in the search , assuming a certain risk. Leave mistrust aside and launch yourself to take the curriculum to that place that you think is unattainable: it is not at all. HEALTH:

You need to raise the energy to prevent a drop in defenses and the context is favorable. Find spaces to enjoy yourself . Test the sound of your organs. Watch yourself, but without obsessing. FAMILY: The days get longer, you have to make a point of enjoying the hours of light together , it is a special week that will induce harmony even in conflict scenarios.


Tarot card of the minor arcana 7 of o ros . It indicates taking action, both with yourself and with the world. You start the week materializing your spiritual projects and collecting the fruits in the form of money. Invitation to be generous. Light yellow candle to induce money, power and energy


Tarot card of the major arcana The Hanged Man. Today it’s introversion . Time to meditate, be at rest, not choose and change your point of view if necessary. Today is a day for you.

Talisman: blue calcite , to calm you down and restore energy


Tarot card of the minor arcanum 10 of wands . It tells us that the beginning of a new cycle at the work, creative level is coming … Do not get attached to what does not work. It is a good week to interact with customers and suppliers, the commercial task will be easier Ignite myrrh to facilitate a new beginning


Minor Arcanum Tarot Card Jack of Cups: Day of Enjoying Beauty. Do not hesitate, leave your daydreams behind and open yourself to real love, trust your possibilities . Talisman: rose quartz, which opens us to love , beauty and the joy of living.


Minor Arcana Tarot Card 7 of Cups: You can’t have it all , it’s time to choose. Time to declare yourself: what can happen? In the worst case, they will reject you, but that will make you leave the doubt and look for a new love. Day of sure success in professional interests

Talisman: red jasper, to attract love and increase sexuality .


Fool’s Major Arcanum Tarot Card: Trust yourself, be receptive and don’t seek perfection because it doesn’t exist. It is a day of abundance, fullness; enjoy what you have and not worry about the future. Talisman: carry the 8 horizontally with you, infinity, it will help you make money flow and everything that comes out comes back multiplied.


Tarot card of the minor arcanum 5 of golds: new horizons are looming on an economic and spiritual level , it is time to go for it. Being a full moon, it is a day where everything comes to light, everything reaches its maximum splendor and its maximum potential. Stone for today: selenite , which balances emotions and gives light to our being.


Light a yellow candle , take three breaths and visualize the flame of the candle fire in our stomach. Feeling that the energy of the buffalo enters our stomach and restores all the energy, visualizing at the same time a yellow color throughout the body.

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