Alternative horoscope for the week of February 10-16

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Since time immemorial, Humanity has consulted predictions based on astrology, numerology, power animals, tarot … even great decisions were made after consulting the Horoscope . The human being today is more master than ever of his decisions, he has countless sources of knowledge and information, and ancestral wisdom can be an added element of inspiration to guide our steps day by day.

The totemic animal that rules us this week is the snake. She will guide us to discover our strengths and weaknesses and will indicate very clearly when to be sociable, when to be quiet, when to attack or when to connect with eroticism. Inside the serpent inhabits wisdom and the union between Heaven and Earth. There is no better disposition on our part than to let ourselves be enveloped by your skin and act naturally. By listening to her whistle we will know when to make ourselves visible.

waning moon

Good week to debug, start a diet, clean, cut without remorse with people who do not contribute.

Number 5

The number that governs us is 5. It invites us to accept that in life everything is movement, everything is change.

Auspicious days

Tuesday 12; Wednesday, 13 and Thursday 14.


The Tarot card is the 9th Minor Arcana of Wands and the Moon is in Virgo. You start the week and you may feel a slight concern about your health and diet. Be calm / and take care of yourself without eating excesses. Visit the doctor to get a check-up and check that you are better than you think. Watch out if the origin of your concern has more to do with your health than emotional dissatisfaction, and act accordingly. Here the snake teaches you the importance of being still when digesting a situation. Stone : Turquoise, to improve physical, emotional and energetic health and contain the vibration of Mother Earth (432hz).


Today’s Tarot card is the major arcana The Force and the Moon is in Virgo. This is not the time to fantasize or imagine , you will consume too much energy. If circumstances demand it, show others your most humble side. Reserve your irrepressible impulse for days to come, you will need it more. Here the snake invites us to observe its target prey … before taking action. Today, the totem shows us the great power of observation. Candle : By lighting a red candle we will grow in strength and we will be more lucid to resolve conflicts . Let the candle do its work, you just put the intention and trust the most.


Today’s tarot card is, Minor Arcana 3 of Cups and the Moon is in Libra. It will be a good day to generate a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in our home (it is also interpreted in our body). It is an ideal time to hold social gatherings at home. The 3 of Cups heralds that the meetings we have today – of anything – are going to be successful. The snake tells us how important it is to have our house (body) in the best conditions, restoring the most obvious without leaving it for later.

Stone : Garnet stone improves social relationships, gives security and confidence.


Today’s card is the major arcana the star and the Moon is in Libra. You may feel an irrepressible desire to seek beauty for aesthetic purposes (drawing, sculpture, fashion …). It is a good time to develop your artistic and intellectual creativity, enjoy yourself. Sudden, unforeseen changes cannot be ruled out , but there is nothing to fear. Sensuality is on the surface, it will be easy to connect as a couple and develop love impulses from the most intimate and deep On the contrary, these will present excellent opportunities that can be substantiated immediately or in the short term. Today can be one of those days that are marked by full transformation in all areas of your life. Of course, you are going to be asked a sacrifice. The star advises you that today do not hesitate to show yourself as you are , without self-censorship. Here the SNAKE will give us the necessary energy to know how to change our skin and transform ourselves to achieve the goal.

Candle : The color purple opens paths, transforms and pushes towards success.


Today’s card is the major arcana, lovers and the Moon is in Libra. Time to generate harmonious relationships with like-minded people. The love letter tells us that true love begins with loving ourselves; and in that search we will find, without being aware of it, the love of others. Because it is the day of Venus (planet of love), we are in a propitious time to open all the windows of Being to this beautiful energy.

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Leyre Zambrano Blanc Francisco Javier GarcĂ­a las Heras

Let’s take advantage of this day to write down all the ideas that come to mind, using the lunar cycle. Those ideas today will be reviewed later and, being good and viable, we will implement them successfully. Here the serpent shows us the union of the feminine and the masculine (union between heaven and earth). Sensuality is on the surface, it will be easy to connect as a couple and develop love impulses from the most intimate and deep.

Stone : Rose quartz, a good help in everything related to love and relationships.


Today’s card is the major arcana the devil and the Moon is in Scorpio. You feel the need to live intense passions and you start a search for eroticism, leaving behind affections or sweetness. The devil’s card shows us how low passions bind us instead of making us great. Very dense shadows such as jealousy, resentment or possession will be present and lurking. Here the snake shows you the true way among so much negativity, how to use eroticism in the pursuit of pleasure, away from jealousy, resentment or possession. Incense : Ylang Ylang, an aphrodisiac flower native to the Philippines with a very sweet smell to stimulate sensuality.


The tarot card is the minor arcana king of cups and the Moon is in Scorpio. Today do not take personal matters too seriously, relax and use your most lucid sensitivity and your intuition. Without being intimidated at any time, make sure that your response is not abrupt. Don’t harden or sulk. The King of Cups card indicates that you must put your emotions in observation, distance yourself, and cool the impulses before making any decision. Here the snake is going to teach you how not to be intimidated and protect your space at the same time. Stone : Lapis Lazuli to better protect you when they want to intimidate you.


We will do a body cleansing of dense energies to raise the energy range through a salt bath. Let’s light a red candle and put cinnamon incense in the cauldron. In an attitude of total relaxation, it is visualized in the water how the energy of the snake awakens from the base of the back and moves until it reaches the eyebrows. We visualize the movement of the totem and how it illuminates the areas of the route with pure white light. We do the visualization several times. Once out of the bathroom, he smears vanilla cream or perfume all over his body.

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