8 Things that stain your skin with the sun


Did you think that the sun was the only thing you had to watch out for? Think twice …

When we had finally understood that we should protect our skin from ultraviolet rays, the experts explain that when it comes to spots, the sun is only one of many factors. So unless you want to spend the rest of your time lamenting, these are the ten things that stain your skin when they come into contact with the sun’s rays, and that you probably never imagined.

Waxing and then sunbathing

Be careful when and how you epilate because doing so can irritate the hair follicle and cause the melanocytes to generate more melanin and therefore pigment the skin. If you’ve already done your wax make sure you don’t sunbathe for the next three days without a minimum 50 SPF sunscreen. And of course, to repeat the application every two hours.

Laser … and sun

Whether you are waxing with a laser or using it as a rejuvenating treatment, you should not sunbathe on any of these occasions. The laser hits the melanin directly, so take all necessary precautions before and after.

Put on perfume before sunbathing

Although many like to get ready to go out to sunbathe, makeup, hairstyle, perfume, the truth is that the latter can cause a phototoxic reaction, an excess of melanin and ultimately stain your skin. Even without taking it directly. Exposing perfumed skin to UV light produces a reaction similar to that of burns.

Using vitamin A and retinol in the sun

Although they are miraculous ingredients for the skin (exfoliates, tightens pores, minimizes wrinkles, etc.), exposed to the sun can become your worst enemy. When using them, the skin is more sensitive, defenseless and more exposed to the action of melanocytes and consequently to the appearance of spots.

Taking certain medications and birth control

They are slightly irritating phototoxic agents but cause hyperpigmentation. Sometimes they can even cause sunburns because in most cases they are composed of photoactive ingredients .

Touching treacherous foods

Parsley, garlic and lime or lemon … if you touch any of these foods, wash your hands, mouth and, if necessary, even the body, as they contain a substance that is harmless to the skin except when it comes into contact with ultraviolet rays called psoralen.

Using wet wipes in the sun

In case you use them, make sure they do not have bergamot oil, because it is sensitive to sunlight. Especially if it appears together with other photosensitive essential oils derived from citrus or rosehip.

Tanning with deodorant

Sure, for many it is essential, but the truth is that most deodorants on the market contain photosensitive agents and although the area is difficult to sun exposure, it can always reach areas where the sun does. So it is best to use it and try to clean the area around it to avoid stains.

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