7 Infallible Tips for Increased Muscle Mass

Thanks to these tips on increasing muscle mass you can have the body you’ve always dreamed of and that you envy from the bodybuilders of magazines, the gym or television. Take a look at this article and learn more.

Increase Muscle Mass7 tips for muscle mass gain

1. Make a progressive overload of your muscles :

The first of the secrets will allow you to build a strong and great body. You must increase the difficulty of weight training progressively, as you progress. The muscles will respond to this stimulus, adapt and grow accordingly. The ideal number of repetitions goes between 8 and 12 with up to 3 equal series.

2. Eat as much as you can :

The second of the tips on muscle mass gain is related to food. Diet is very important, because if you do not feed yourself well the muscles will have no way to grow, because they will not have the necessary material to do so. Consume at least three thousand calories a day, divided into 6 intakes.

3. Understand your hormones :

They are divided into anabolic and catabolic. The former make your muscles grow and the latter break the proteins of the muscles, so the latter are the least recommended. Avoid stress and lead a quieter life.

4. Sleep eight hours per day :

In relation to the previous point, it is good that you rest correctly. Sleep allows you to increase muscle mass and recover the body from exercise. If you sleep little, what you will increase will be your levels of the hormone cortisol (of stress).

5. Drink more water per day :

Surely this advice you have read or have told you several times. It is a vital fluid, never give it up, except when you are doing exercises. At least two liters a day, although three are advisable in summer or in the gym. You will eliminate toxins, you will hydrate and keep your kidneys healthy.

6. Avoid cardio :

Cardiovascular exercises are used to lose fat and mark muscles, but also increase cortisol levels and break muscle mass (which cost you so much). Practicing in moderation is the right thing to do and always after the weight session.

7. Better to be short sessions :

Do not spend all day in the gym, because that will not guarantee more muscles in less time. If you train too much you may not be playing at the right level of intensity and the only thing you can do is exhaust your muscles. Each session must be a maximum of 45 minutes, including cardio and previous stretches.

With these tips on muscle mass gain you will finally have that body you want so much, in a healthy way and without risk of losing it in a matter of weeks. But if you want a safe and fast tool to double your muscle mass in record time, do not hesitate: the SOMANABOLIC MUSCLE MAXIMIZER of Kyle Leon is just what you are looking for.

Better protein to increase muscle massThis system of anabolic nutrition is 100% customized to your needs, that’s why it is unique and effective. By combining your specific diet with an exercise workout to increase adequate muscle mass, you will see your body grow at an accelerated rate.

It is ideal to break your stagnation, increase your muscles and stay athletic 365 days a year. You will learn to combine the best protein to increase muscle mass with fats and carbohydrates at the right time to blow up your muscles.

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