5 Commandments for perfect eyebrows


Basic lessons to define and maintain those responsible for framing your gaze.

We are clear about it, the most coveted beauty trend is thick, full and very natural-looking eyebrows. If you also want to achieve the perfect shape, size and texture of the eyebrow, you must first know that this is not a miracle that happens overnight. However, with a little patience and self-control –spoiler alert: it is forbidden to spend the day with tweezers in hand in front of a magnifying mirror– in a while you will be able to show off your spectacular eyebrows. That’s why we’ve created this helpful guide for you to unleash your inner brow expert.

Before you start …

The first step towards perfect brows is to determine if your brows are thick enough to pluck and shape. Don’t worry if you find that they don’t meet some thickness standards or trends, you can grow them. Before going to bed, massage your eyebrows for 3-5 minutes with castor oil, olive oil or almond oil to accelerate hair growth. A healthy diet can also work its magic not only on your head hair, but on your entire body as well: include fish (especially salmon), nuts, raisins, and soy products in your diet. These will stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair follicles. You won’t have to wait long for amazing results.

Find the perfect brow shape for your face.

If your face is round, try to create an arch as high as you can. Find a brow shape that follows a straight line up to the peak of the brow, and stay away from rounded shapes. This will make your face look very round. For a square face, consider a curved, smooth, or sharp-angled brow shape. Stay away from short, thin brow shapes. If you have a heart-shaped face, opt for a low arch and rounded brow shape, as it creates a more natural look. Avoid arched eyebrows. Lastly, if you have an oval face, choose a flat, gently angled brow shape. Make sure the angles go up, and then curve gently around the top.

To identify the three points to observe when shaping your eyebrows, use the “pencil” method. Put a pencil in a straight line along the side of the nose; This will be the beginning (inside) of the eyebrow. Then, place the pencil along your nose and over your pupil: this will be the arch and the highest part of your eyebrows. Now move the pencil diagonally, so that the end of your nostril and the outer edge of your eye are in line, this will mark the end of your eyebrow.

Choose the method

According to experts, tweezing is the most recommended technique. Wax can end up stretching your skin or being a bit imprecise, and the stringing technique can break hair, plus both options may not be entirely hygienic. If you decide to tweeze, be sure to pull the hair in the direction of growth and as close to the root as possible. Doing it the wrong way can make it grow thicker. And while it is true that good tweezers can last four to five years, it is necessary to clean the tip with alcohol at least once a month to remove any residue.


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Now, let’s get to work!

Step 1

Snip, snip

First, with a special brush, comb your eyebrows upwards. Then cut the hairs that stick out above the brow line with a pair of nail scissors or eyebrow scissors.

Step 2

Calm your skin

Giving your skin the best treatment is necessary for perfect eyebrows. So before you start to wax, gently massage a generous amount of your favorite facial oil into the brow bone. This will lubricate the skin and the hair follicle, preventing the hair from breaking in the process and will eliminate the sensitivity of the skin to the use of tweezers.

Step 3

3,2,1… out!

Repeat this mantra: less is more. To make the process more painless, pull the hair in the direction of growth while keeping the skin taut. Remember to always use natural light and forget about the magnifying mirror. With them we lose the perspective of the whole face and of both eyebrows; This is because we only focus on one by getting too close. The result is usually one eyebrow more plucked than the other, in different places, and even wounds from wanting to remove hair that has not yet finished coming out. It begins by eliminating the hairs that are born before the beginning determined by the “pencil method”.Then do the same with the little hairs that are under your arch and beyond the determined end point. To avoid exaggerations, the trick is to wax little by little and from time to time move away from the mirror to get a better perspective.

* Flee from symmetry. The eyebrows are sisters but not twins. These small differences are what make us unique and are part of our personality. That’s why you don’t have to get obsessed with achieving a perfectly symmetrical design.

Step 4

Put an end to redness

Waxing can irritate your skin, so be sure to immediately soothe any irritation and close the pores by applying a cooling gel.

Provide them with the necessary care.

Just as you take care of your skin, hair and eyelashes, you must also apply the necessary treatments and care so that your eyebrows look beautiful and perfect. Don’t forget to brush them daily. Take a few minutes a day to comb your eyebrows, as you will not only put the most unruly hairs in place, but also activate circulation in the area. By obtaining greater blood flow they will grow more, it will be very good in case you are trying to correct the shape, they will look fuller and with a beautiful natural shine. Above all, keep the tweezers at a distance for at least six weeks! Once the time is up, you can repeat the steps.

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