2 Super Diets To Gain Muscle Mass In A Short Time!

For many bodybuilders and people interested in dieting to gain muscle mass , nutrition is usually the most difficult aspect. Doing daily exercise routines to increase muscles requires less will power than staying on a diet around the clock.

Although in a diet of this type the proteins play a fundamental role, we must not neglect the caloric and carbohydrate foods, as well as those that provide us with minerals and vitamins. Making a diet with few carbohydrates can cause the body to burn proteins too and in this way it does not favor the growth of the muscles.

The best diets to gain muscle mass

Here is a diet that involves at least five meals a day , without ruling out the occasional consumption of protein shakes and the consumption of bananas or bananas after each workout, to restore potassium. Remember that you should eat between 1.5 and 2 grams of protein daily and carbohydrates moderately, but enough to provide the necessary energy for training.

  • At breakfast you can eat six to eight egg whites, leaving two yolks, accompanied by four slices of whole bread spread with tomato, and eat some fruit.
  • At midmorning three hundred grams of chicken breast or turkey, accompanied with three hundred grams of pasta.
  • The food or lunch can make three hundred grams of tuna, three hundred rice with vegetables, a full salad, fruit and low – fat yogurt.
  • In diets to gain muscle mass the snacks are a little lighter than the morning snack. You can have a snack with a protein and fruit smoothie.
  • At dinner you can alternate the rice with three hundred grams of yam to accompany a similar portion of chicken breast, with a banana and a low-fat yogurt.

Another diet of five meals, which in this case revolves around training, would be more or less like this:

  • At breakfast, an omelet with six whites and two yolks, two slices of wholemeal bread and orange juice.
  • At midmorning , a half cup of low – fat cheese and two apples.
  • pre-training meal consisting of a cup of cooked dry oats, five tablespoons of whey protein powder and two apricots.
  • A post- workout meal with one hundred and fifty grams of grilled fish, three hundred and fifty grams of cooked potato and a steamed carrot.
  • And at dinner, one hundred and ten grams of grilled meat, with half a cup of brown rice, a cup of steamed broccoli and a cup of steamed pumpkin.

Before putting into practice any of the diets to gain muscle mass , it  is important to consult with a nutritionist and persevere with both diet and exercise routine. What helped me the most to achieve that great and masculine body. With this system I was able to apply a complete and comprehensive plan, which combines nutrition and optimal training for my body type.

recipes to gain muscle massThere are no tricks or magic recipes to gain muscle mass, do not waste your money on fantasies. This is the only program of its kind that will give you a personalized nutrition plan so that you can assemble your favorite foods yourself, feeding your body with the exact nutrients that will make your muscles explode in record time.

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